Wednesday 7 August 2013

The updated report of the Gram Sabha of Sao Mathias Panchayat (Vanxim) which was held on 28th July 2013 at 10.45 am

The letter which was submitted for the Gram Sabha by Maggie Silveira, the President of Ilha de Vanxim Association included the following points for discussion.

1.       Is there any proposal for any developmental work at Vanxim sent by Ozone group of companies? To this Sarpanch replied saying that there is not a single proposal has come from Ozone group of companies.

2.       Is there any proposal for developmental work sent by Mahendra Gaunekar? To this Sarpanch replied that there is not a single proposal has come up from Mahendra Gaunekar too for Vanxim.

3.       What is the update of the government primary school which is about to collapse in Vanxim? To this Sarpanch said that as presently this school is not functioning it will not be attended on priority as in the whole of Goa there are schools that are needed to be attended by the government. We cannot accept this answer as this is only place which functions as voting booth for Lok Sabha, Assembly, Zilla Parishad and Panchayat elections. Tarpaulin sheets are put to cover the mud which is falling from the ceiling on the heads of the officers sitting and voters casting their votes. It is very miserable to know the fact of such a situation where Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar needs to do something about it on priority basis. Or else it is shame for him to cast the votes in such a place where there is no toilet, no bathroom. It is highly inconvenient for the people who are coming there as officers on election duty.

There was heated discussion by Sadanand Bhonsle regarding retaining wall which is objected by 57 people with signatures and submitted to Gram Sabha, where the same has been recorded in the minutes of the Gram Sabha. 

The water pipeline coming to Vanxim is in disastrous situation as the matter pending for the last long 15 months without repairs for the pipes that is floating in the Mandovi river. This pipeline is not a luxury for Vanxecars, it is a necessity which Sarpanch Gurudas Bhomkar does not understand till date. The present excuse that the Sarpanch gave is that the nut-bolts are not available.

Times of India report on this is available here.

The next day of the Gram Sabha on 29th July 2013 Joaquim Fernandes of Times of India interviewed Maggie Silveira, President of Ilha de Vanxim Association and also President of Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa Unit. Here is a text of the interview:

1.      What kind of project do the villagers fear is coming up in Vanxim?

Maggie: When project is not proposed at the Panchayat level the question of type of project does not arise.

2.      How much area is involved in the project?

Maggie: As the proposal has not reached our panchayat we do not know the total area involved in the project.

3.      How do villagers fear will the project affect them?

Maggie: Fear does not arise as the proposal has not come to the Panchayat.

4.      Are there any telltale signs now of the project coming up? Has any preliminary work started?

Maggie: With no proposal coming to the Panchayat and when there are court cases pending before deputy collector’s court, mamlatdar’s court and Administrative Tribunal Court the question of starting any work does not arise.

5.      What steps has the Ilha de Vanxim Association taken so far to prevent the project?

Maggie: There are huge and massive steps taken and actions initiated, and also strong support of all the NGOs of Goa and beyond, and a big support from five crore of people of Bharat Mukti Morcha which is National Movement that is spread in all the 12 talukas of Goa too including Darbandora.

6.      Which authorities have you written to? Whom have you met? Have you written to the present government, previous government, present chief minister, previous chief minister?

Maggie: Wherever necessary and important higher authorities are already informed in detail with video recordings and photographs including survey number 8 which is a water body plus Mangroves cut by Mahendra Gaunekar in survey number 8, plus the fields that are low lying areas which are khazan lands with thick growth of Mangroves and mud flats. Can such a body be touched by law?

7.      Does the local MLA have any role in this?

Maggie: He is fully and completely manipulating not only the gram sabha in the past but also manipulated the office of Chief Town Planner by taking 300 people even migrant labourers by paying each one Rs.1000/-. 5 buses went to Chief Town Planner’s office with 300 people. Such a man should never be voted back in election as he is a destroyer of Goa and Goa’s wealth that is land.

8.      Has the association met with the project promoters?

Maggie: We are not at all interested even to see the face of such promoter forget about meeting him. Nor do we want to know that he even exists.

9.      Are the villagers unanimously against the project or are there some villagers who support the project?

Maggie: As there is no proposal in the village Panchayat of the project from any promoter the question of villagers being supporting or opposing does not arise.

10.  How many people/households live in Vanxim?

Maggie: Most of the people come to Vanxim in July from abroad as their children are studying and parents working, and in the months of October, December and May. Even if stranger comes to Vanxim they love Vanxim so much.

11.  What is the total area of Vanxim including residential area and fields?

Maggie: For records, check with land survey department.

12.  What action is the Isle de Vanxim association planning against the project?

Maggie: As said earlier action is huge and massive, and all our ancestors who are dead and gone will never allow any such disastrous project to come up in Vanxim. It is a holy place and it is well protected. We believe in what we write.

13.  Any pertinent information...

Maggie: When there was not a single proposal which never came up to the panchayat the then deputy sarpanch Tulsidas Kundaikar highly manipulated the entire Gram Sabha and when the present Panchayat panel was called by the Mahendra Gaunekar and the so-called Ozone group, Mahendra Gaunekar was saying sorry again and again to the present Sarpanch Gurudas Bhusan Bhomkar for manipulating Gram Sabha then. So this shows very clearly that the Panchayat was ruled by Mahedra Gaunekar and Pandurang Madkaikar where by four ladies were arrested without serving call letter by then PI Francis Corte. Illegal Survey was carried on in Vanxim by Mahendra Gaunekar on the land occupied by the Vanxecars. And when the ladies approached and asked for NOC everything was turned upside down and ladies were arrested. The entire village and the NGOs from entire Goa seized the Old Goa Police station. And the four ladies came out triumphantly, boldly and courageously. This is what Ilha de Vanxim Association stands for.

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