Tuesday 19 November 2013

Through violence Gandhi, Congress and Brahmins partitioned country, established their control over India

Bharat Mukti Mukti Morcha, 2nd national convention, 26th December 2012, Malda Town, West Bengal, Hon. Waman Meshram’s speech in session titled “Brahmins captured power through violence”. Translated from Hindi speech published in बहुजनो  का  बहुजन  भारत  of 3rd March 2013.

Brahmins even though they are minority are ruling over overwhelming majority. It is necessary to think and reflect deeply; further research it seriously. If awareness can be created on this subject and debated all over India, if opinions of experts is collected then lots of information will get accumulated. In order to destroy Indus valley civilization Brahmins adopted strategies of betrayal, cheating and varied violent means.

There are plenty of examples of violence available in Ramayana and Mahabharata. Secondly the descendent of Samrat Ashoka who was to take over the throne Bruhadrath was killed by none other than a Brahmin named Pushyamitra Sungh. This was not just an end of King but it was an end of an era. That’s why this happening is path-breaking event. This was very frightful event. The outcome of Budha’s revolution was establishment of Maurya Kingdom. This was a political effect of this revolution. Those who were declared by Brahmins as Shudras (slaves) their Kingdom got established. That why this was very big revolution, and that’s why it was path-breaking event. This path-breaking happening that we call revolution, Brahmins sought to convert into counter-revolution; that’s why Bruhadrath was killed and counter-revolution triggered off. This was path-breaking event. This was not just a killing of King as we people of mulnivasi samaj still live in the shadow of that counter-revolution. That’s why it was not an ordinary event.  Ramayana is a coded-fiction-story of Bruhadrath killing. After Bruhadrath killing was the mass killings of Bikhus. This is very big history and it is entirely history of violence. Evidence from ancient India is available that points out that Pushyamitra Sungh issued order that any one wearing yellowish clothes (followers of budhas worn yellow clothes then) found anywhere, his head is to be severed from the body and whoever does this was rewarded with gold coins. After counter-revolution Pushyamitra Sungh performed the ceremony of sacrificing horse in fire (Ashvamedh Yadhnya). Pushyamitra Sungh’s teacher was Patanjali for whom Ramdev Baba accepts as his teacher too. Ramdev is not aware that he himself is Ahir (Yadav) and Ahirs are nagavanshi people, and Nagavanshi people were slaughtered by Patanjali and his Jati people. Ramdev is calling him his teacher. It is important to understand this deficiency of history. All this is result of being ignorant of history.

If you read Mahabharata then you will realize that King of Nagvanshi people was Takshak. In order to kill him Khandav forest was set on fire. This also is an instance of violence. After that it was Shashank who was Budhist King. After Samrat Ashoka biggest King was Samrat Kanishka and he was found dead in his bed room. The meaning of Samrat is the ruler of huge territory. Samrat Kanishka was also killed. After this came King Harshavardhan, who during Kumb Mela in Allahabad had organized very big Buddist Convention.  500 Brahmin attempted to kill him by roasting in fire. In this way all these people were killed by Brahmins in large numbers. In Maharabharat it is not the story of lone King Takshak but they carried on the genocide which is called ceremony of snake sacrifice (Nag Yadhyna). Snake was a totem of mulnivasi people of India. In North India Ahir people are Brahminised into ‘’Yadavs’. ‘Ahi’ in Sanskrit means snake (Nag). The word ‘Ahir’ is derived from the word ‘Ahi’. Maurya too was Nagvanshi and Ahir too is Nagvanshi. In order to Brahmanize them they are given new identity as ‘Yadav’. After transforming them to Yadav it became possible to connect Yadav with Krishna. After connecting with Krishna connection with Mahabharat became possible. After connecting with Mahabharata it is possible to connect with Gita. After connecting with Gita it is possible to Brahmanize Yadav. And this is how Brahmanization took place. It is necessary to write the history of India in new mindset. After this saints were massacred; such as Sant Tukaram, Chakradhar and Chokhomela. These people were born in Maharastra. Kabir, Ravidas and Namdev were punished with expulsion from the country or they might have been killed too.

1857 agitation was planned entirely by Brahmins. After completion of planning, Brahmins went to Bahadur Shah Jafar who was ruling Delhi as Badshah.  Under Jafar there were number of small Kingdoms and Princely States. All of them had weapons with them. If Bahadur Shah Jafar involves all of them then it was possible to carry on armed rebellion. This is exactly what Brahmins planned and carried on their task by pushing Bahadur Shah Jafar in front. In this armed rebellion of 1857 many people were killed. After this on 9th August 1942 Gandhi issued an order “Do or Die!” This was also violent agitation and its documents of evidence are available; there was nation wide violence at that time. It is totally wrong to claim that Freedom was earned with non-violence.

Before 9th August 1942 Subhas Chandra Bose had broadcasted campaign “Chalo Delhi” from Singapore radio. With Azad Hind Fauz he was approaching Delhi, this was also violent agitation. Gandhi thought if Subhas Chandra Bose who according to his caste is Kaisth (Shudra) captures power over India by force then Brahmins will have to be subservient to Shudras. In order to prevent the capture of power by Subhas Chandra Bose Gandhi started violent agitation with a slogan “Do or Die!”. Gandhi achieved freedom through violence. It is very important to understand that due to violent agitation Gandhi refused to hold talks with Babasaheb Ambedkar. Gandhi refused to hold talks with Barrister Jinha and Gandhi never took any initiative to grant them their rights. As Freedom was won through violence Gandhi created terror amongst others and attempted to suppress other voices.

Violence is also one of the reasons for partition of India because of which Jinha was compelled to accept proposal of Partition of India. The ‘reason is Gandhi and effect is Jinha’. Effect is not responsible for Reason. At a time of partition nearly 10 lakh people were killed. Perhaps nowhere in the world such a big scale of genocide might have not taken place. Freedom was achieved with violence, because of violence India was partitioned and because of violence Gandhi, Brahmins and Congress were able to capture power. Through violence Brahmins and Vyashas together captured India. After that however in order to keep power exclusively with Brahmins Gandhi was assassinated and perpetuated more violence so that Vyashas will not have equal share in power in free India. In this way in order to capture India through violence Gandhi was assassinated.

Today it is with violence alone that Brahmins have kept control over power structure in India. That’s why it can be said that Brahmins have captured India through violence. Indian Constitution came in force and Universal adult suffrage got enforced. According to Universal Adult suffrage minority cannot rule over majority. Minority cannot establish their hegemony. Yet Brahmins took help of violence and in 65 years of Freedom carried on 65,000 riots in which many lakhs of muslims were killed. Besides this Brahmins carried on the Hinduization of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Backward jatis (OBC). This is a principle of coercion to accept Brahmin religion. Hinduisation triggered off riots. In this scenario minority Brahmins established rule over majority mulnivasis and in 65 years established rule over Indians. All this was possible only because of application of violence.

But now we have to free India from Brahmins, so what and how to do? We have ultimate option that is peaceful mass agitation that has to be non-violent. One point has to be kept in mind that through agitation we will not get freedom but with mass agitation. Mass agitation means one objective but participation of many crores of people. If we - in this way - peacefully carry on the mass agitation then we may be able to peacefully dislodge Brahmins who have captured power violently. This is an option before us. Agitation will be non-violent but it will be mass agitation; then we will succeed in peaceful manner. Or there is no way of succeeding in violent agitation. If Brahmins are not able to understand Peaceful manner of agitation and if any event takes place in future that signals that Brahmins are incapable to understand Peaceful agitation then alternate method of agitation to be adopted will be decided then. Right now this is not the situation in before us. If we connect crores of people in mass agitation then definitely we will succeed in achieving our objective. That’s why you have to do only one task, search one new person daily and explain to him. In order to awaken people you have to get out of the house. After preparing new person tell him also to prepare any one person per day. In this way if you prepare second person, second person prepares third person, third person prepare fourth person, if this task is carried out by people in all the States, people all over India, people of District, Tehsil, Block and in very village simultaneously we will succeed and that too quickly. If 6.5 lakh village people do this simultaneously then we will be able to set our captive society free. That’s why in order to prepare yourselves and your people, and organize people, to motivate people for participation in mass agitation, get yourself trained and be alert. With this hope National President ended his speech.

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