Wednesday 26 February 2014

Porvorim lathi chage against taxi owners needs Judicial probe

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns police lathi charge on mulnivasi taxi owners at Porvorim on 24th February 2014 night. Goa government has created the situation of tension so that tourism business gets tilted drastically against mulnivasi taxi owners in Goa. The lathi charge in Porvorim is very shameful act that needs judicial inquiry.

The current tension against taxi owners is continuation of long drawn agenda of Bamon Raj to violently suppress the sustained livelihood options of the mulnivasis. Tourism in Goa is useless if it is going to deprive  taxi owners of their source of earning and people like in Vanxim their land.

What is surprising is that newspaper reported that Ola Cabs has never taken any permission to operate in Goa from government authorities and yet their cars were plying. I it reported that they did not even have license to operate their Panjim office.  It looks that Chief Minister allowed these cars to operate in Goa and even have their office though influence and with kick-backs. This conclusion is arrived at through assessment of his conduct on this issue.

Porvorim lathi charge also exposed the double standards adopted in executing lathi charge. Group of foreigners from Nigeria protesting on Highway were not touched by police in spite of blocking of Highway for long duration. While the mulnivasi people from Goa protesting were mercilessly beaten up and provoked for counter violence that led to the injury of few mulnivasi policemen too. Bharat Mutki Morcha express sympathies with the injured policemen too for they are used by Bamon Raj government.

From this it is very clear that Bamon does show up on the street but puts mulnivasis in uniform (Policemen) against mulnivasis not in uniform (taxi owners) against each other and to kill each other. Salva Judum in Chatisgarh is an excellent example of this.  This is how Bamon raj operates. Police is controlled by a Bamon who is a Chief Minister. He through his agents seemed to have succeeded in triggering the clash amongst the mulnvasis so that Bamon raj becomes strong - divide and rule.Our country of India is not ruled by mulnivasi system but ruled by Bamani system and that's in decision making position and the decisions are taken to finish off mulnivasis of their livelihood through liberal and capitalist means.

Bharat Mutki Morcha understands the game plan of Bamon Raj very well. Every body cannot be fooled all the time. Currently there is intense contest going on between Bamon Raj and mulnivasis. The violent targeting of Taxi owners is part of the agenda of Bamon Raj to take take control of Taxi bussiness under their control in the name of providing hassle-free, reliable and technology-efficient car rental service to Indians.

India's main problem is not inefficient car rental service. Main problem is the country is ruled by minority Bamon's who are foreigners - Eurasians by their DNA. The object of their rule is to weaken the mulnviasis as much as possible and as faster as possible. Lathi Charge on Taxi owners is part of this agenda.

Ola Cabs are able to provide cheaper service because they have collaboration with various international investors like Tiger global. Their entry in Indian market is against the mulnivasi taxi owners many of whom are displaced from their ancestral occupations like agriculture, fishing, toddy tapping etc due to incursion of tourism.

It may be recalled that in July 2012 there was bamani attempt to tag these very taxi owners as gangsters. Bhatat Mukti Morcha had protested that time. That links is available here. The battle continues.

Jai Mulnivasi!

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