Saturday 19 April 2014

Evidence of Golf Course project in Vanxim

The Joint Development Agreement of 11th August 2009 presented at the office of the sub-registrar, Panjim bearing serial number 2066 leaves undisputed evidence that the purpose for which Mahendra Gaunekar has entered in traction of sale of Vanxim to Ozone Leisure and Resorts Private Limited is for the purpose of construction of Golf Course, hotels, Spa, Club House, resort. This was denied several times by Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar to bluff protesting People of Goa. The following two paragraphs provides evidence that Vanxim is sort to be destroyed and over there Golf Course is to be built. The lying is permitted practice for Bamons as per their Constitution called Manusmriti, a document of enslavement of mulnivasis.

"And whereas the Second Party acting on and pursuant tothe above representation has imparted the Scheduled Property and after working out the details have agreed to develop, at their own cost and expense, the Scheduled Property by constructing an integrated Resort with Villas, infrastructure, etc and delivering 16.7% of the total sale-able super built area in the villas, being the Development phase I.

Further the Second Party here in shall be free to develop the rest of the land available minus of the Development phase I above with any third Parties into a Golf Course, Club House, Hotels, Spa, resort, etc., being Development Phase II and the First Party herein shall not object to the same. The First Party shall be entitled to 16.7% of the Second Party's share of development Phase II, in return, for the First Party fulfilling his obligations under this Joint Development Agreement in a timely manner and Transferring and conveying 83.3% of the undivided share in the land of the entire Schedule Property either in favour of the Second Party or its nominee/s. The development on the Schedule Property shall be as per the details, specifications and plans to be prepared by the Second Party."

Bamon Raj is responsible for whatever is planned as per the above Joint Development Agreement for Vanxim. Nearly 7 Golf courses were stalled due to public protests in the decade of 1990s all over Goa.

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