Thursday 29 May 2014

Is Ozone corporate involved in dragging Society of Pillar Fathers into Vanxim land scandal?

"Aug 2011 -   Ozonegroup facilitated Training programs for islanders conducted by Agnel Ahsram in Association with United Nations Development Program" reads the content of the corporate PR booklet in gloss colors circulated around in Goa to drum up support for the corporate seeking to establish control over the island of Vanxim. The title of the booklet without author is "Vanxim Island Development, An eco-sensitive, Low Density, sustainable, Iconic Tourism Destination." This in alleged involvement of Agnel Ashram has been listed as one of the achievements of the corporate that is badly in need of legitimacy after multi-crore scandal involving Archbishop of Goa that got exposed in 2010.

Archbishop Gonsalves and Archbishop Ferrao sold Vanxim island between 1999 to 2006 in secrecy without informing people in Vanxim, that too at dirt cheap price. It looks that Agnel Ashram administered by another Roman Catholic Society of Pillar Fathers has been roped in to fill up the thirst to recover lost legitimacy.

This is claim is second most serious matter after the Archbishop selling Vanxim at the rate of Rs.6/- and Rs. 20/- per square meter, immorally and in violation of Canon Law that advocates taking all the stake holders in confidence. It is worth to examine this phenomena with some detail as the religious order is dragged by the Bamon Raj to support corporate take over of Vanxim island. Did Pillar Father got involved under duress with pressure from the Archbishop of Goa or did they associate with immoral affair on own freewill?

Venerable Fr.Agnelo would never support the scandal of Vanxim sale committed in Bishop's Palace with Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar as its partner accomplice. When contacted Director of Fr. Agnel Ashram Fr.Tony Fernandes in Verna, Goa he denied any collaboration with Ozone corporate. "We have nothing to do with Vanxim in Goa" he stated categorically on May 28, 2014. This means Ozone corporate is spreading lies and wrongly using the name of Agnel Ashram to drag it into scam? Ozone corporate has to be hauled up for getting Agnel Ashram and Pillar Fathers into disrepute.

So here we go: Ozone indulged in disseminating false information of Agnel Ashram involvement in Vanxim and mega lie of United Nations Development Program. Foundations built on lies falls like pack of cards.

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