Wednesday 19 November 2014

Vanxim report from the Court room of 18.11.2014

The great Vanxim trial charging Vanxim women of theft of tripod began in the Court of the Judicial Magistrate First Class at Panaji ‘D’ Court today 18th November 2014. The case no 227/14/D came up for hearing today after the gap of three years and eight days of the alleged theft of a tripod, criminal intimidation, unlawful assembly, wrongful restrain and intentional insult with intend to provoke breach of Peace involving villagers of Vanxim on one side and the Bruno Ferrao and Ozone group on the other. Sections of Indian Penal Code imposed includes 379, 506, 143, 341, and 504. If Charges are proved especially of the theft then the four women are facing three years behind the bars. Trial is likely to began in the next hearing fixed for January 08, 2015.
Today’s hearing required all the four women of Vanxim accused in this case to be present in the court. All the four women were present in the court room. The three women Anuradha Volvoikar, Swati Volvoikar and Deepika Tari had corporate lawyer to represent them. It is indeed an unusually suspicious occasion as to why the very corporate who filed the criminal cases against them through Bruno Ferrao had also to provide the lawyer to defend them. It is in bad taste, in fact humiliating act for self-respecting people of Vanxim that these three women had accepted the lawyer from the very corporate that seeks to grab the island of Vanxim.    Maggie Silveira had a separate lawyer to defend her as she and her family is not the party to any kind of compromises with Bamon Mahendra Gaunekar.

These three women have not only sold their self-respect but also sold their very integrity which means everything to a person of dignity.
These three women have gone very low to betray the people of our Vanxim island and NGOs of different places of Goa who stood by us up to 2 am in the morning of our release after 12 November 2011 arrests.
Maggie Silveira, President, Bharat Mukti Morcha and Ilha de Vanxim Association stands committed from the 8th August 2010 till date in defense of Vanxim with high respect to the people of Vanxim as a whole and all the NGOs of Goa that were present the whole day of November 12, 2011 till the way beyond mid night.

Maggie hereby stands with all the blessings of the ancestors – dead, our elderly people (living) and all the good wishes of our people staying in Vanxim and different parts of the World.

Jai Mulnivasi!

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