Monday 16 February 2015

Fishermen takes to picket Fisheries department office in Panjim

Fishermen from Cacra, Nauxim, Odxel, Bambolim, and Siridao took to picketing of fisheries department office in Panjim today after receiving arrogant response from the Superintendent of Fisheries who is doing his best to promote illegal trawler fishing in Zuari through his repeated inaction. 

Today morning there were 16 trawlers illegally fishing in Zuari river and fisheries department adopted 'care-a-damn' attitude. Infuriated with such a behaviour fishermen entered the office of the department and questioned the authorities. Director escaped from the office only to return with Superintendent of fisheries at around 12.10 pm. Director Sharmila Monteiro was not committal on providing 24 hour surveillance of Zuari river to stop illegal fishing. She said department can station Patrol Boat only for 10 days in Zuari river and after that boat will have to be shifted to other areas of illegal fishing.

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