Wednesday 14 October 2015

Illegal Trawler Fishing, Tourism Boats, Marinas, double standard in CRZ implementation threatens Marine and Human Life in Goa!

Bharat Mukti Morcha is deeply concerned about villagers of Agacaim, Siridao, Bambolim, Nauxi, Cacra, Odxel, Caranzalem in Tiswadi, Madkai in Ponda, Chicalim, Vasco, Sancoale and Cortalim are greatly troubled due to threats to livelihood they earn from Fishing in Zuari River using non mechanized fishing methods. Since April 2014 fishing nets of the fishermen have been cut up by water sports boats of the Hotel Grand Hyatt located in Bambolim and fishing activities disrupted. When fishermen objected to this, then Agacaim Police Inspector Devendra Gad came over to Bambolim beach on 19th April 2014 and slapped local fisherman Vishnu Kankonkar. After that there has been a repeated fishing rights violation. In addition this Hotel Grand Hyatt has blocked access to the Cross and the Chapel by putting up fencing wall from all sides thereby violating community rights. Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) has forced setting up of two private marinas inside Zuari River at Sancoale and Nauxim Coast. These marinas are for the rich and will completely disrupt our fishing activities and both the lease deeds of 12 and 14 October 2010 has safety provisions only for mining barges transportation and fishermen are not even acknowledged to exist. Life of this lease deed is 30 years. One lease at Nauxim is with Kargwal constructions Pvt Ltd and other at Sancoale is with Yacht Heaven Pvt. Ltd.

Fishermen are facing grave threats from the illegal – cum- unsustainable fishing carried on by trawlers that dig up the riverbed disrupting fish spawning and breeding site in Zuari River. Trawlers are banned from fishing within 5 kms from the coast in Arabian Sea, while there is complete ban on trawlers in rivers of Goa. Goa State is promoting illegal trawler fishing in Zuari River by refusing to station permanent patrol vessel in Zuari River. State does is not allocating Rs. 2 crores to buy Patrol boat in Zuari while sanctioned 25 crores to leading hotels to set up Golf Course in Tiracol when local people are opposing. Reports have come that traditional fishermen ‘Ramponkars’ has clashed with mechanized boat locally known as ‘Dinki’ in Arabian Sea  close to Caranzalem beach. This clash too has been due to current crisis in the Fisheries department where bamon Raj rule is in force. Entire Fisheries bureaucracy in Goa has miserably failed to protect Zuari River and Arabian Sea traditional fishermen and implement Goa, Daman and Diu Fisheries Regulation Act 1980 and the Rules framed for this Act in 1981. 

Double standards are followed in undertaking demolition in Coastal areas. In Baina, people’s houses were demolished on 26th September 2015. In 2009 when Supreme Court ordered demolition of portion of Cidade de Goa hotel, State Government came out with Ordinance to protect this five star hotel and changed law. Ordinance was soon ratified in the Goa Legislative Assembly. Why no ordinance is passed to protect coastal dwellers? Similarly Hotel Grand Hyatt is found illegal by Goa Bench of Bombay High Court in for violating CRZ laws. Yet the Hotel is allowed to operate by paying fines. Why this double standards? BMM calls for halt to any GCZMA initiated demolitions at Katem, Baina till starred Hotels Grand Hyatt and Cidade de Goa are demolished. 

Two Mobile towers in Bambolim and Nauxim; public wants to be uprooted due to radiation. 

Jai Bharat!                Jai Mulnivasi!                          Jai Goa!

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