Monday 14 December 2015

Maggi ban lifted yet its parent Nestle continues to torment its workers

Anand B. Shirodkar, is a dashing Union leader of Nestle company in Maulingem North in Bicholim taluka. He has been thrown out from job for past two and half years. His fault is to organise workers for justice. Recently he is involved in creating public out reach in various parts of Goa to explain how this multinational company has been arm twisting the workers for the aim of oppression. He has contacted Bharat Mukti Morcha for support along with his fellow workers. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha has examined the case of the workers and calls upon members of public to do the same. After examination we have found the cause of discontent is solely to suppress dynamic and independent leadership of Shirodkar. He is instrumental in forming Nestle contract workers Union  on 13 February 2013. This is most probably the first Union of Contract Workers in the state of Goa and Shirodkar and all his supporting workers deserve great appreciation. Jai Mulnivasi! 

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