Tuesday 23 February 2016

Development with Political vendetta in Vanxim

 The road tarring taken up in Vanxim is guided with political vendatta by MLA P. Madkaikar and Sao Mathias Panchayat. The road works taken up in Vanxim is contrary to the Gram Sabha decsions for complete tarring. Vanxim road refered here was not touched for past 17 years. The road refered to as from Manuel Furtado's house to Margaret Silveira's house is widely used by public but only half is tarred. In addition the procession of St.Sebastian comes on this road followed by procession of  Holy Cross feast, third sunday of lent plus Good Friday procession. Sarpanch has carried on this act in collusion with MLA P. Mandkaikar, Ozone corporate and Mahendra Gaunekar who wnats to creat frictions in the village due to opposition to Hotel project in which Goa Archbishop too is involved. This is what refelects development in Vanxim - Public interest is served with utter contempt.

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