Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Pictures of Mining barge polluting Mandovi river

F SHARAD PNJ 222, a mining barge carrying ore in Mandovi river at 5.30 pm on 18/4/2017 was spotted washing and releasing mining waste from the barge inside Mandovi River. According to fishermen this is a common practice followed though illegal by barges in Mandovi and Zuari rivers of Goa. This leads to marine pollution and has direct negative effect on fisheries and ecological health of rivers. Here are few pictures clicked near Ribandar, Tiswadi. BMM calls for stringent action against barges carrying ore polluting Mandovi and Zuari. Captain of Ports, Goa needs to act on this immediately and issue warnings to all the mining companies on this matter.

 Clear visibility of water targeting to release ore waste inside the River Mandovi.

 Name of the Barge visible as F SHARAD PNJ 222. Investigation is needed as to whom this mine belongs to and whose ore it was transporting and to whom. Why barge is being washed in the middle of river?
Long range view of the erring barge. Mining is cause of all round ruin of Goa and this is yet another evidence to this effect.

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