Tuesday 16 May 2017

Open washing of mining barges in Mandovi as Captain of Ports turns blind eye

This mining barge bearing number M V Mandovi PNJ 614 is captured on camera at 11.40 am today May 16, 2017 at Old Goa. The speeding barge is being openly washed in the middle of Mandovi by two people and third one supervises. One is forced to ponder was to why Captain of Ports is overlooking the erring barges? Why CoP is relaxed on this count? Earlier on April 18, 2017 another barge F SHARAD PNJ 222was caught on camera doing similar washing activity in Mandovi. You may visit the links here. 

Why affairs has gone so sloppy at Captain of Ports? Is mining companies taken control of Captain of Ports so that he is forced to maintain silence? Mining industry has looted and plundered Goa for past 60 years. Shah commission gave us some glimpse of the way it was done. Now all we need is immediate halt to molestation of Goa rivers by mining industry through their barges.Or did captain of Ports authorized open washing washing of barges in Rivers of Goa?  

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