Sunday 25 February 2018

MLAs petioned on Zuari fishermen woes


Jennifer A Monserrate
Taleigao Constituency,
House No. 167, Galli,
Taleigao, Goa

Francisco Silveira,
St. Andre Cosntituency,
House No. 38/1, Dandim,
Agacaim, Goa

Antonio Caetano Fernandes,
St. Cruz Cosntituency,
H. No. 1143, Segundo Bairro,
Santa Cruz, Tiswadi Goa

Subject: Administrative Collapse: purse seine and trawling fishing in River Zuari


We wish to bring to your urgent attention that there is resumption of illegal mini purse seine fishing boat intrusion in Zuari River near the coast from Siridao to Odxel within one kilometer from the shore. Besides being illegal these boats are contributory factor to the depletion of fish population as they use small size nets that are not sanctioned by the Fisheries department.

On 20th evening at around 4.30 pm there were five mini purse seine boats in Zuari while on 21st February 2018 there were six mini purse seine boats carrying on illegal fishing at 6.00 am in the morning. Similarly on 22nd February 2018 morning there were 10 mini pure seine boats in Zuai carrying on llegal fishing.

Besides these mini purse seine boats that are also five trawlers carrying on illegal fishing in the night time on daily basis from 8.00 pm to 3.00 am.

The result of these activities is not only threatened livelihood of traditional fishermen but also an important sign that Police Administration as well as Fisheries department administration in Goa is non-functional and goonda raj is in vogue. We have aleady communitcated to the Fisheries department via phone calls, sms to both Fisheries Minister, to both the deputy directors as well as writen communications. However we are not aware as to what action Fisheries department has taken after receiving communications from us.

We call for your urgent action as the MLA representing the affected fisher people with threat to livelihood, to restore law and order in River Zuari by effective and lasting crackdown on these trawlers and mini purse seine boats carrying on illegal fishing.

If they situation is not brought under control then it could snaowball into major crisis as it has already done in Malvan coast after raditional fishermen captured three trawlers from Goa and handed over to police on 12-13 February 2018 ntervening night.

We assure you of continues support.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Maggie Silveira,

President, Goa State

Sanjay Pereira

Convener, Cacra unit

Rohidas Andrade

Convener, Bambolim unit

Socorro Braganza

Convener, Siridao Unit

Anthony Cardozo

Convener, Curca Unit

Sitaram Pereira

Convener, Odxel Unit

Milind Palkar

Convener, Nauxi unit

Ms. Kalpana Diukar

Co-convenor, Odxel Unit

Chandrakant Lotlikar

Secretary, Siridao Unit

Hanuman Dias

Co-convenor, Odxel Unit

Honu Divkar,

Co-convener, Odxel Unit

Deu Kankonkar

Secretary, Nauxi Unit

Yeshwant Shirvoikar,

Co-convener, Odxel Unit

Manguesh Sawant,

Co-convener, Odxel unit

Amir Mardolkar,

Co-convener, Nauxim Unit

Francis Coelho,

Co-convener, Nauxim Unit

Ms. Jaya Kuttikar

Co-convenor, Odxel Unit

Jonu Shirvoikar,

Co-convenor, Odxel Unit

Ms. Sheila D’mello,

Co-convener, Cacra Unit

Ashok Kukalkar

Co-convenor, Odxel Unit

Ganashyam Diukar

Co-convenor, Odxel

Uttam Martins

Co-convener, Odxel Unit

Rohit Hadkonkar,

Co-convenor,Bambolim Unit

Chandrakanth Rosario

Co-convenor, Cacra Unit

Sanju Diukar

Co-convenor, Odxel Unit

Vijay Sawant

Co-convenor, Cacra Unit

Ragunath Sautodkar

Co-convenor, Cacra Unit

Mahadev Andre Rosario

Co-convenor, Nauxim Unit


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