Wednesday 21 September 2022

Chronology of events concerning illegal sand extraction in Goa's Mandovi River and threat to life of Dr.Sebastiao A. Rodrigues

September 21, 2022

11.05 pm : Three cannoes noticed from Amboi-Vanxim with lights on engaged in sand extraction in Mandovi River

11.15 pm Emergency number to report sand extraction 112 dialled and complaint registered with reference number 135450. Police vehicle PINKFORCE-09(GA07G1625, Ph: 7030935471) assigned to assist. 

September 22, 2022

00.10 am

Police vehicle arrived at Amboi ferry point and contacted me over the phone. Police invited me to report on the spot of illegal sand mining at Vanxim Ferry point. I did report. One cannoe started the engine and fled. Other switched off their lights and stayed still in waters. Police informed me that they have no Patrol boat so they are in no position to reach to apprehend illegal sand mining boats at the distance of less than 30 Meters from Vanxim ferry point. Police had no whistle to blow and chase away sand miners. Police invited me to the police station at Old Goa and lodge formal complaint. I obliged and got into Police car.

00.50 am

Gave inward of handwritten letter dated 22nd September 2022  addressed to the Police Inspector, Old Goa Police station with subject: Illegal sand mining during night time in Mandovi near Vanxim.

September 25, 2022

7.35 am

On board Amboi-Vanxim ferry in the middle of Mandovi River I received threat to life from Prenanand Tari from Vanxim, an employee of Goa Police (Home Guard) for filing complaint against illegal sand mining near Vanxim. He admitted that his illegal sand mining transportation bussiness will be affected due to my Police complaint. He said that I should not file any more complaints as - according to him - I don't have any support in Vanxim.

September 27, 2022

11.00 am

I received message relayed through messenger sent by Sadanand Bhosle from Vanxim that all the legal sand miners of Vanxim had meeting and they have decided to kill me.

September 28, 2022

5.00 pm

Letter inwarded to the offices of Inspector General of Police, Director-General of Police, Superitendent of Police (North Goa), Sub-Divisional Police Officer (Panjim),  Director of Vigilance with subject: Inaction and threat to life on account of my complaint to Old Goa Police Station dated 22:09:2022 regarding mid-night illegal sand mining by unknown persons near Amboi-Vanxim ferry in Mandovi. Copy of the letter was marked to Waman Meshram, National President of Bharat Mukti Morcha, New Delhi and to the President, Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir, Margao, Goa. Letter was neither addressed nor marked to Police Inspector of Old Goa Police Station.

5.30 pm

Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir team and Roque Menezes from All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union joined me in a delegation to DYSP Sudesh Naik at Panjim Police Headquarters. After brief discussion Old Goa Police Inspector Satish V. Padwalkar was summoned in DYSP office and directed to book both the persons involved in threatening me. Complaint copy was handed over to Old Goa PI to take further action.

6.30 pm

Press briefing outside Police Headquarters on the issue of threats and illegal sand mining organised by Goyche Fudle Pidke Khatir.

07:30 pm 

I was called to the Old Goa Police Station over the phone. Five member team from Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir joined me for the meeting with Old Goa Police team headed by Inspector Satish V Padwalkar. After initial hesitation he admitted possibility of Old Goa Police  station leaking my complaint letter to those involved in illegal sand mining in Vanxim. He promised to book two people involved in threatening me.

October 03, 2022

Anthony D'Silva from Ambelim released video in social media calling for Police protection to me. 

October 04, 2022

12.28 pm

Received phone call from Old Goa Police station that they have received wireless message from Superitendent  of Police (North Goa) calling me for urgent meeting with him at 4.00 pm today.

03.55 pm

At the office of Superitendent of Police, North Goa in Porvorim with team from Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir. There I was informed that the meeting is postponed on account of some urgent work for SP-North Goa. I gave inward of the hand written letter to SP-North Goa informing him about my presence with punctuality and further request to him to intimate me a day in advance of the meeting. Immediately I received phone call from Old Goa Police station while I was still at SP's office that my meeting with SP is fixed for October 06, 2022 at 04.00 pm.

October 06, 2022

04.00 pm 

Meeting with Superitendent of Police (North Goa) Mr. Saxena. Team from Goyche Fudle Pidge Khatir joined me here. Old Goa Police Inspector Satish V. Padwal was present at the meeting. SP Saxena asked me to speak. I obliged and spoke briefly about sand mining and the threats I received due to leakage of my complaint to the accused involved in sand mining. I pointed out to the DGP Standing order on Sand mining in Goa dated 17:03:2022 under High Court directions. According to which SP is to visit illegal sand mining Hotspots once a month. I invited SP Saxena to visit Vanxim. He said "thank you very much!" SP Saxena then requested me to file complaints with Department of Mines and Geology as well as Collector, North Goa. I agreed to do so. SP then informed me that every complaint received at 112 is shared with task force on sand mining headed by the Collector. I then named the police constable at Old Goa Police Station who is involved in leaking my complaint information to the accused. SP Saxena requested me to immifiately file another complaint to SP - North giving name of this. police constable. 

Police Inspector Satish V. Padwalkar spoke saying that I had never met him in person ever. He then said that he has registered FIR against Premanand Tari and Sadanand Bhosle at Old Goa Police Station. SP directed PI to hand over copy of the FIR right now. PI obliged and gave me FIR copies.

I then filed fresh complaint before SP North Goa with subject title: leakage of my name in violation of DGP Standing order dated March 17, 2022.

7.00 pm

Received letter no. PI/OLG/7723/2022 from Nilesh Naik, HC - 4569, Old Goa Police Station dated 06/10/2022 with subject: Requests to provide eye witnesses in the crime. 

October 07, 2022

11.00 am

Attended investigations accompanied by Roque Menezes of All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union. Investigations were conducted by Head Constable Nilesh Naik (HC-4569). I told him that Police should take statement from the messenger who relayed death threat from Sadanand Bhosle which Police haven't done so far. In any I told him that I know know both Premanand Tari and Sadanand Bhosle for the past 12 years and we shared amicable relationships. This threats has come about more because of leakage at the Old Goa Police Station and I am more worried about this. Investigator then informed me that my complaint dated September 22, 2022 never reached Police Inspector and was kept totally blind. I then understood that lower ranked Police officials has processed my sand mining complained,  transmitted messages to those engaged in illegal sand mining and threats were administered to me. This is how police-mafia links operated! I requested two pages of paper to file fresh complaint against illegal sand mining at Vanxim. I told head constable that I want to test the leakage points and resulting threats. 

11.30 pm

Complaint filed at Old Goa Police Station with subject: Illegal sand mining at Eastern point of Vanxim in Mandovi.

October 08, 2022

6.45 am

Two Police cars reached Vanxim early morning searching those engaged in illegal sand mining. Then met me at 7.15 am in Vanxim on the road under tamarind tree. They said they couldn't find anyone engaged in illegal sand mining at the Eastern point of Vanxim. I told them that my complaint was of yesterday's illegal sand mining. 

October 14, 2022

2.10 pm

Entry of my today's complaint refused at the Old Goa Police Station. Subject line of my refused complaint: Illegal sand mining at Vanxim and Divar on October 14, 2022. Timings mentioned of illegal San mining at Vanxim between 00.05 am to 03.00 am, and at Vitogem, Divar at 07.05 am between latitude 15.53403760' and Longitude 73.8988627'. Action was requested as per DGP Standing order dated March 17, 2022. I was told by Police official in duty that my repeated complaints to Old Goa Police Station is creating problems as I file complaints against them for Inaction. Official told me that Police station doesn't have patrol vessels to venture in the water to intercept sand mining boats. I was directed to Panjim Coastal Police Station based at Ribandar to file fresh complaint.

October 15, 2022

Forwarded my complaint that was refused entry at Old Goa Police station - with covering letter - with subject: Illegal sand mining in Mandovi near Vanxim and Divar Islands, to DGP, IGP, SP-North Goa, SDPO Panjim, Collector- North Goa, Director of Mines and Geology, and SP- Coastal Security.

Filed complaint to the Police Inspector, Panaji Coastal Security Police Station, Ribandar with subject: Illegal sand mining in Mandovi at Vanxim and Divar on October 14, 2022. Copies marked and also inwarded to PI at Old Goa Police Station, SDPO Panjim, DYSP Coastal Security, SP Coastal Security at Panjim.

October 20, 2022

05.17 pm

Received call letter from the Police Inspector Ajit R Umarye with request to remain present at the inquiry regarding illegal sand extraction at Vanxim and Diwar as mentioned in my complaint dated 14.10.2022.

October 21, 2022

01.30 am

Four policemen attached to Panaji Coastal Security Police Station visited my residence. Purpose of their mid-night visit was to let me know that that moving about to catch illegal sand miners.

12.00 hrs

Attended meeting with Police Inspector Ajit R Umarye for an hour. I was accompanied by Roque Menezes  from All Goa Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Union. Two main points he made: first that his Police station though entrusted with Coastal Security doesn't possess even a single patrol vessels to enter water. Secondly they are facing manpower shortage to enforce DGP Standing order on Sand mining. It is therefore impossible to implement DGP Standing order on Sand mining. He directed me to file complaints with Director of mines and Geology, and Captain of Ports. He also requested me to write to the concerned authorities requesting that all the seven Coastal Security Police stations in Goa be equipped with functional patrol vessels. For the past three years Coastal Police doesn't have functional patrol vessels and patrolling of the rivers is done through roads in jeeps which is not sufficient.

Team from Goyche Fudle Pidke Khatir came to the police station in my support.

I have signed one page Statement at Panaji Coastal Security Police Station requesting stopping of illegal sand mining.

October 25, 2022

4.00 pm

Mamlatdar along with Police carried on site visits to Vanxim and Divar regarding illegal sand mining.

October 27, 2022

Received telephonic information about illegal sand mining posing threat to Konkan Railway bridge in Mandovi near Old Goa.

October 28, 2022

Received correspondence dated 19/10/2022 from Directorate of Vigilance to the Director Mines and Geology, and the Superitendent of Police ( North Goa) regarding illegal sand mining near Vanxim and Diwar.

November 03, 2022

2.30 pm

Received phone call requesting my intervention regarding illegal sand mining at Sao Mathias- Naroa ferry point. Loading of illegally extracted sand takes place in trucks from Naroa ferry point in Mandovi.


Dr. Sebastiao A Rodrigues

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