Monday 27 February 2023

Highway Versus Sal river

The main flow of the Sal river has been blocked in order to carry forward with the new 4 lane highway project near the wholesale fish market, Madel, Margao. Complete blockage of the flow of the river, it may be temporary or permanent but it is totally unethical and has long term effects on the ecology of the river as a whole.

To make matters worse the river bed has been dug up furthermore and filled up with concrete which will cause permanent damage to the Sal which is already in a pathetic state due to sewage discharge. There were definitely alternate ways to carry on with the work without causing such a  disaster however this is the sad reality.

The water flowing down our rivers is vital to the natural equilibrium of the planet and its climate. It’s like the blood circulating through your body. If your bloodflow were blocked, you’d get cardiovascular disease, maybe even a heart attack. Well, blocking rivers is like intentionally blocking your veins and expecting no problems. 

It is my humble request to the locals and authorities to take keen interest in this river which has seen much better days in the past.

Samuel Aaron Afonso M.Sc. Carmona, Goa

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