Saturday 25 March 2023

Goa Salutes You Architect Elsa Fernandes!

There are clues to indicate that Santa Cruz Panchayat has taken some steps of onslaught against Architect Elsa Fernandes for being outspoken and daring. The above video and textual document reveals that Panchayat permission granted for construction of the Gate is in violation of law that requires prior permission from Town and Country Planning Department. 

Police has refused to intervene due to Panchayat permission. 

The controversial Gate was demolished few years ago after Elsa approached Goa Bench of Bombay High Court. And there is already High Court Judgement on this matter.

This is the latest in series of high intensity steps that Panchayat of Santa Cruz has taken to silence the voice of Goa's best known Green Architect who stands up for truth.

Earlier she was asked to pay Rs.7,500/- as a cost of video recording of Gram Sabha proceedings in response to her RTI Application when market cost of pensive drive doesn't exceed Rs.600/-.

When Gambling rules the corriders of power respect for human dignity gets diced away. This is what Architect Elsa Fernandes is going through in her life and her remaining five family members on these days.

"I feel like third class citizen of this country!" Exclaims Architect Fernandes. Tragedy for people of Goa has deepened ever since Goa was annexed through conquest in 1961 and Panchayat Raj, the alien system hoisted in Goa. With this hoisting arrogance and power craze has intensified. India has allowed Gambling to pervade into veins of polity in Goa. Current Santa Cruz Panchayat stands out as sample in this context because of the defiance of Architect Elsa Fernandes. 

It's Time Goa salutes her for her courage to walk the tunnel even when all lights seems to go off and There is no glimmer of hope around. In times like this cry turns into emblem of life. 

Goa salutes you Architect Elsa Fernandes!


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