Sunday 7 May 2023

Arch. Elsa Fernandes files criminal defamation complaint at Old Goa Police Station

From: Arch. Elsa Fernandes

 H. No. 1236, Segundo Bairo,

Santa Cruz – Goa

Ph. No. 09822130241


Date: 28th April 2023



The Police Inspector,

Old Goa Police Station

Old Goa – Goa

Subject: Police Complaint against Mr Justiniano Ciriaco Fernandes alias Justin De St. Cruz, Mr Felipe Barreto and Mr Jaime Jeoffrey Romano Gonsalves for defamation and discrimination against me.


Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that a person named Mr Justiniano Ciriaco Fernandes alias Justin De St. Cruz, a resident of H. No. 1003, Behind Santa Cruz High School, Premeiro Bairo Ward, Santa Cruz, Tiswadi – Goa 403005, Contact No.: 9657234056, Mr Felipe Barreto, Owner of V4U Studio, having his studio at V. N. Naik Road, Ambaji, Margao - Goa 403602, Contact No.: 09822165251 and Mr Jaime Jeoffrey Romano Gonsalves, Owner of 7N Creation Photography & Videography, having his residence at H. No. 248, Gudiwada, Neura, Pilar – Goa 403104, Contact No. 07507047753, collectively, severally and jointly created, wrote, composed, sang, videographed, published and then circulated a Konkani Song titled ‘Soth Tem Soth’.

That the abovementioned song was published and circulated on YouTube on Justin de St. Cruz Channel, subscribed by 6,91,000 followers on 5th April, 2023, by the abovementioned Accused No. 1, Mr Justiniano Ciriaco Fernandes alias Justin De St. Cruz. That furthermore, the said Song has already been viewed by 23,538 viewers as on 27th April, 2023.

That at the behest of the abovenamed accused, the song has been re-published and re-circulated on Goa News Hub Channel subscribed by 9,83,000 followers and has been viewed by 3,661 viewers as on 27th April, 2023.

That besides the abovementioned channels, the song has been published and circulated on several Whatsapp groups, Instagram and other social media channels.

That it may be known that several fallacious, erroneous, distorted, inaccurate, discriminatory and fictitious words and gestures are made against me with the aim to tarnish my name and goodwill, in the abovementioned Song. In addition, racist, bigoted and discriminatory words and gestures, are also used against me, downrightly defaming me, both in a libellous and slanderous manner.

That I am a respectable Environmental Architect, Professor, Researcher, Architectural Expert, IGBC Accredited Professional, Expert Panel Member of several Governmental and Non – Governmental Environmental and Village Planning Boards, as well as a upstanding and upright citizen of Goa and India, as a whole and that I have earned the same through my uninterrupted, incessant and continuous hardwork, dedication, diligence and commitment for over 40 years, and that the abovementioned song has caused incomputable loss and damage to my reputation and goodwill.

That usage of libellous, slanderous and discriminatory words and gestures in the Song published and circulated jointly and collectively by the abovementioned three accused amounts to a criminal offence punishable with fine as well as imprisonment under Section 499, 500, 502, 153A, 505 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, as well is violative of Article 15 of the Constitution of India.

That I am informed that the three accused have also earned unlawful monies at the cost of my reputation, from the creation, publication and circulation of the abovementioned Song.



That I am utterly and completely aggrieved by the repulsive, criminal, unlawful and delinquent behaviour jointly and severally displayed by the above three Accused.


That on account of the abovementioned you are requested to take strict action and proceed under the relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code and any other law that your honourable office may deem fit.


Hoping for a speedy remedy and action from your honourable office.



Yours Sincerely,




Arch. Elsa Fernandes






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