Wednesday 13 September 2023



Shri Bhupender Yadav, 

Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change,

Government of India, New Delhi




Shri Ashwini Kumar Chowbey,

Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change,

Government of India, New Delhi




Ms. Leena Nandan,


Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change,

Government of India, New Delhi


September 13, 2023


Subject: Request to deny Environmental Clearance to Vedanta Private Limited Block I Bicholim MIneral Block in Goa




Greetings from Goa!


It has come to our attention from media reports in Goa that Vedanta Private Limited has approached Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) to seek Environmental Clearance (EC). We write to you being highly responsible person in MoEF&CC with a request to deny EC to Vedanta Private Limited to avoid catastrophic consequences for the State of Goa. We thought it is prudent to alert you well in advance to avoid regrets later on.


EIA reports presented by Project proponents id defective on several grounds. River Bicholim is Flood prone river but this information is concealed in the EIA.


2023 Disaster Management Plan for North Goa District records that this mine is likely to trigger disaster for Bicholim town and Sirigao village.


2019 study (attached with this email) carried on by Department of Marine Science, Goa University has conclusively proved that mining activities from this mine has polluted Bicholim River to a dangerous level.


EIA report reveals that ore to rejection ratio is goin to be 1:8.39. This means that there will be overburden of 2,51,70,000 tonnes per year. Undoubtably this will run off into the Bicholim River through outlets as the height of the mining site is given as 169 meters. This mean gradient will be very steep. Consequently monsoon will rip apart ecosystem with the might of gutsy monsoons washing away mining rejection in surrounding water bodies.


There are 13 lakes covering nearly three hectares of space within the mining lease limits in Mulgao. Additionally within 3 Top are there are three lakes, five springs emerging out of foothills of 3 Top hill. Several Hectares of arecanut palantations, rice fields source the water supply from these water bodies


There are number of houses within lease limits. Mulgao village alone has 223 houses withing lease limits. Similarly there are more houses withing mining lease limits in other core zone villages. In Lamgao village there are 50 houses and 05 temples within mining lease. In the event of granting of EC from your office these houses are liable to be demolished in order to extract ore, Of course you will care to protect Goa’s ecology at our appeal only if you care or you wont. But we wish to let you know that we care and that’s why we knock your ears. Even village crematorium is missing in EIA.


Because of this mine there are frequent flooding of river.


At the Public Hearing conducted based of 622 page EIA report just 10 minutes were allotted per speaker. This is an arbitrary way of conducting public hearing violating even the common sense that 622 pages of EIA cannot be critically asses within 10 minutes. Project Proponent’s consultant was absent for the Public Hearing till late evening. Speakers who wanted to clarifcation did not get to question the consultant till in the evening. And in the evening too only 05 minutes were granted to question.


Assanora river is close to 15/1941 mining leases and now component of amalgamated mining lease at the distance of 10 meters. No ten meter barrier exists between river and mining pit as claimed in EIA/EMP.


All the above indicate that the method of baseline data collection adopted is defective and there are serious doubts on the timing of study being during Covid-19 lockdown as stated in project proponent’s application form before your office.


Wells (indicators of ground water) in close proximity from core zone are missing in EIA report.


Consusltant backtracked on the claims that this mining project is greenfield project. This mining site is in operation for last 80 years with its beginning in 1941.


In violation of Terms of Reference Project proponent intents to use public road used by civilians of around 900 meters. This will put life of the civilians under serious life threatening risk.


Rainfall noted in EIA is 3500 mm which is wrong.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Ramesh Gauns, 


M: 9270085105

Dr. Sebastiao A. Rodgigues,

Convenor, Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State

M: 9923336347

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