Friday 15 July 2011

Goa Government constitute Tripartite Committee/Planning Authority to review Tribal Sub-plan implimentation

Goa Government has constituted Tripartite Committee/planning Authority to review implementation of Tribal Sub-Plan and also to suggest the measures to different line departments to ensure effective implementation of Tribal Sub-Plan. The committee is to meet twice a year. The is declared in the Official Gazette Series II No.14 on July 07, 2011  The members include:
1. Minister of Tribal Welfare   ...Chairman
2. Chairman, Goa Commission for Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes  ....Member
3. Chief Secretry  ...Member
4. Secretary, Finance Planning  ...Member
5. Secretary, Tribal Welfare  ....Member
6. Chairman, Goa State Scheduled Tribes, Finance and Development Corporation ....Member
7. Vasudev M. Gaunkar, MLA   ....Member
8. Ramesh Tawadkar, MLA ...Member
9. Director of Tribal Welfare  .....Member Secretary

Though this is result of hard of fight that led to the martydom of Manguesh Gaounkar and Dilip Velip who were burnt alive by the police-upper caste nexus in Balli, Quepem on May 25, 2011, it remains to be seen as to what extend this committee is effective considering brahmins are historic enemies of all the mulnivasis not just tribals and they are the once who has captured the State Bureaucracy, Judiciary, Executive as well as all the Political Parties. Two tribal enemies on this committee will have to struggle hard for success. It however looks very unlikely the both of them are the products of Poona Pact of 1932 between Gandhi and Ambedkar. 

Two tribal leaders of Goa Govind Gawde from Bandora, Ponda and Malu Velip of Barcem, Quepem are languishing in jail for over 20 days due to consensus amongst brahmins scattered around in political parties and judiciary. They have been charged under section 307 of Indian Penal Code for May 25 agitation in Balli, Quepem.

The brahmanical modus operandi is to form committees like this on one side and demoralize the tribal movement on the other side.

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