Friday 15 July 2011

Tribal Welfare outsourced!

Goa State Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes established under the Directorate of Tribal Welfare created one post of sweeper with pay scale to be outsourced. This is published in the official gazette series I No.11 on 16th June, 2011.

The Question is as to why employment in Government department outsourced to private parties? Surely this is a handy work of the those whom Jyotibha Phule described as "Kalam Kasai" meaning pen-slaughters. They are none other than Euresian brahmins who constitutes 3% of India's population but are ruling the country as conquerors. And they indeed are. In 1947 they captured power from Brahmins to rule over SC, ST, OBCs and those converted from these categories. They are doing so in collaboration with other upper castes like Vaishyas and Kshatriyas.

This notification demonstrates depth of slavery Brahmanical system has induced.

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