Wednesday 18 April 2012

Disaster for mulnivasi children through mid-day meal in Goa

Plan for destroying Goa’s future is not only going through destruction of its land through legal and illegal mining but it is also insidiously being put to target Goa’s  mulnivasi children by depriving them food and even poisoning their bodies. The children who were part of the midday meal scheme came in for rude shock today with the reports in the press about how program of malnutrion is pursued by the brahmanical State. 

Undoubtedly all the children who are subjected to this problem are mulnivasi children. Bamons and Saraswats in Goa never allow their children to suffer in this way.  They run the state by occupying all the top positions. They are the one who has created grave risk to Goa’s mulnivasi children. Digambar Kamat, a Bamon ex- Chief Minister had purposefully supervised this disaster. He gave all his time to implement ADHAR bio-metric cards so that when mulnivasi in Goa will rise against bamon raj they will be tracked through computer data. He also supervised Goa’s great mining plunder. Saraswat Digambar Kamat also supervised systematic destruction of the Goa’s agriculture as growth level slumped into negative. 

Goa’s mulnivasi children are made to suffer in hunger. Goa’s Bamon’s and Sarawats are celebrating Golden jubilee of Liberation. Perhaps they are celebrating because they are sure that within next 50 years there will be no mulnivasi left in Goa, there will be no assertion of bhahujan samaj in Goa. So Saraswats are celebrating. This chief minister too has joined the celebration party. Isn’t an irony that after 50 years of Goa’s liberation our mulnivasi children have to be pushed into this situation of systematic death?  This happened not because of lack of funds or because of lack of food around. This happened because Bamon long term agenda is to destroy mulnivasi children by malnutrion and food poisoning. There are many instances of food poisoning of mulnivasi children through mid-day scheme in Goa. In last instance few months ago lizards was cooked in food and served to children resulting in food poisoning of several mulnivasi children inVasco. Bamon children never go and eat food from these midday food scheme. They are carefully kept healthy.  Otherwise ask Dempos, Salgaonkars, Timblos, Tarcars, Kamats, Parrikars whether their children are enrolled for midday meal in Goa. This is a case of gross discrimination and criminal action on the part of brahmanical system in place.

This midday scheme was introduced to destroy the education process by diverting attention of teachers from teaching into cooking in unofficial manner. Teachers are pushed into cooking rather than teaching. This is done so that mulnivasi children do not go about studying and getting good education. This is indeed pervert motive to start with. In addition central government conducts review of this scheme and found that Goa government had not done its proper implementation. This scheme by itself was bad and its implementation has been as per the needs of the brahmanical desires. Digambar Kamat had behaved this way purposefully.  The result is a ruin of a one generation surely to the delight of the ruling Brahmins in the state who despise and hate bhahjan samaj infinitely and devise various ways to subdue us. Bamons in Goa has special taste for the ruining of generations of mulnivasi in Goa. They already ruined two generations through devnagri konkni. And bamon Adv.Uday Bhembre is proud about the same.

Situation is so dangerous that there is no place even to do testing of food. Home Science College in Panjim which has facilities but no staff to carry on the tests. Total students affected are 91,000. Of these hundreds are found to be severely anemic. Anemia is result of malnutrition. Thousands suffering from stunted growth and are frail.

Current Goa chief minister Parrikar who was leader of the opposition when this conspiracy was unfolding from 2006 onwards was aware of this conspiracy totally and yet did precious little to prevent it. He provides the evidence of his awareness of the gravity of the situation relating to midday scheme in his budget speech 2012-13. On pages 39-40 paragraph 123 he audaciously uses Marathi phrase comparing mulnivasi children under this midday scheme to dogs. He begins “Bhik Nako, Pann Kutre Avar. Such situation exists in implementation of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme. Today, such a sick feeling is created by the scheme that students prefer to remain hungry than to have a meal. My government shall completely revamp the scheme in order to improve the quality and nourishment value of the food”. The result of this sick feeling today is there for every one to see. For the reason of political expediency CM has promised revamp of the scheme and improvement in the quality and nourishment value of the food. What he does will be proved on ground in due course of time. Bharat Mukti Morcha however is of the opinion that unless the governance system is turned upside down; meaning till the time mulnivasis do not replace the rule of Saraswats and Brahmins in Goa and India our children are never going to be safe. Our future is never going to be secure. It is a ‘do or die’ battle for us. There will always remain dagger hanging on our heads till Bamons are at the helm of affairs. Bamons and Saraswats will only fool us as they have done so before in countless occasions; they are experts in this skill. 

This report is a certain alarm call for mulnivasis. It is an alarm of Saraswats conspiracy against mulnivasis to put our children to slow yet sure death. Bal Gangadhar Tilak has written that his brahmin ancestors when they came from Eurasia has committed grave mistake by not doing what whites did to Red Indians in America. Whites massacred native Red Indians of America. In our county brahmanical rule is speedily creating situation of hunger and malnutrition in order so that mistakes of their ancestor can be perhaps corrected. Various schemes are created just for this purpose. It is with this background understanding that we need to understand as to the reasons behind putting Goa’s mulnivasi children under severe disaster. Mulnivasis will have to rise up. And we will rise up, for now we understand brahmanical conspiracies against us. Brahamanical system will have to be ended and torn apart. Mulnivasi rule has to be hoisted in India as well as in Goa. Cause of our every problem is brahmanical system. Its destruction is solution to our every problem.

This is indeed very dangerous mission of the Saraswats, bamons and Brahmins in Goa. Its aim is annihilation of Bhahujan samaj. It is very important that we all aware arise and join nation wide agitation led by Bharat Mukti Morcha to overthrow brahmanical rule and establish rule of the mulnivasis. Brahamnical system has created problems for mulnivasis in every sector. They created the problem and now they are projecting themselves as our protectors. Mulnivasi can see through this game very well. The day is not far when we will witness a new sunrise of mulnivasi rule, new morning of mulnivasi rule. 

Today April 18, 2012 number of newspapers has covered the story of Goa’s children being fed sub standard food through the centrally sponsored scheme of mid-day meal for school children. Goa edition Times of India published from Panjim has carried front page story too. Only thing is that Time of India refrains from saying that all these children are mulnivasi children and not a single is of Saraswats, Bamons and Brahmins. The titled is ‘Despite mid-day meals Goa kids frail, says HRD’. Certain bullets are pointing to facts of this matter in the beginning itself.
Ø  91,000 primary students received low quality midday meals during the year 2011-12
Ø  Due to shortage of staff, Goa Home Science College has refused to accept food samples for analysis during 2010-11
Ø  62,000 upper primary students received meals
Ø  State level monitoring committee met for the first time in 2011-12 since 2006
Ø  1.59% of students severely anemic
Ø  21% of students frail

Then there is a loud comment ‘A child requires nutritious meals, lots of vegetables, and fruits while growing up to have a healthy life. The intention of introducing the midday meal scheme was to get the hungry children at least one healthy meal and make them study at school. A child with an empty stomach cannot be attentive. Statistics provided by the Union HRD ministry are shocking and proves that the state government machinery has been insensitive to the needs of the child. Grains are sanctioned by the state government for the purpose is being under utilized. It is a shame that nutritious food is not being provided through the midday meal programme.’

Then the story proceeds with the sub title ‘Central Funds For Q-Check Lie Unused’. The story by Gauree Malkarnekar reads further ‘of the over 1.50 lakh students served midday meals during the academic year 2011-12, 29% were found to be underweight, 21% were stunted and 1.59% suffered from severe anemia. This was discovered by the Union human resource development (HRD) ministry’s review of the midday meal scheme in Goa held in March 2012.

The review also found that another 12% students were frail and enfeebled despite having consumed the midday meals being served under a central government scheme to provide the required nutrition to school children from classes I to VIII.

HRD officials discovered at the review meeting, held in New Delhi on March 27, that Goa’s poor monitoring of the scheme since its implementation was the reason for the low quality of the meals served.
Food poisoning cases related to midday meals in Goa have suffered time and again, yet the state has not utilized a single rupee of the Rs. 25 lakh allotted by the centre for 2011-12 for monitoring and evaluation of quality under the scheme.

Goa’s casual approach was exposed yet again this year at the HRD ministry’s meeting to review the scheme’s implementation. It was not only noted in the review that Goa’s utilization of funds allotted for monitoring and evaluation of quality was ‘nil’, but that its state level committee (SSMC) became functional only during the 2011-12 academic year.

Even though midday meals are being served in Goa since 2006, the SSMC in Goa remained virtually non-operative for most part. While the earlier committee under chairmanship of then chief minister Digambar Kamat had not met even once in two years of its formation, the new committee under the chief secretary met just once during the current academic year.

Prescribed nutrition not provided to children: CAG report
During 2011-12, meals were served to 91,000 primary school students in 1,139 schools. At upper primary level, which is from Classes V to VIII, meals were served to 62,000 students in all the 425 upper primary schools in Goa, of the 70,000 who were entitled to receive the meals.

The directorate of education (DoE) officials from Goa told HRD authorities that measures have been taken to improve the scheme’s implementation by engaging 1,797 helpers from December 2011 to serve meals in schools so that teachers are not assigned the duty Goa had a much higher sanction of 3,252 cooks-cum-helpers.

DoE officials also said that the department appointed three deputy educational officers of the respective zone for grievance redressal. The HRD’s review meeting found that action was taken in only one of the three complaints received over the scheme’s implementation. 

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) of India’s report tabled in the Goa state assembly session held in march 2012, had warned about the poor quality of meals supplied in the state, which also did not meet the prescribed nutritional standards.

“Quality of food grains served to children ranged from 79 to 95 grams in primary schools and 140 to 143 grams in upper primary schools, as against the prescribed quantity of 100 and 150 grams of food grains, indicating that the prescribed nutrition was not provided to the children,” the CAG report stated.

The CAG report also notes that only 11% of samples of the required quantity of 630 samples were collected for testing of quality. There was no check on the quality of food being supplied to students,” the report warned.

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