Thursday 21 March 2013

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Chief Town Planner Puttaraju

It is indeed a great matter of concern to get to know the letter dated 5th February 2013 addressed to the Director, Directorate of Panchayat sent by Chief Town Planner S.T. Puttaraju that the Gram Sabha stands no value as Chief Town Planner declares on the letter sent to the director of Panchayats stating that Gram Sabha has no power to pass resolutions regarding construction of multi-family dwellings and requesting the Town and Country Planning Department to stop issuing NOCs for multi family buildings.

Under what authority the so called legal experts according to Chief Town Planner Puttaraju declare our very people’s rights at the Gram Sabha to be null and void? Is this called a democracy?

What is the very purpose of the people coming to Gram Sabha? Aren’t they the voters of their very Panchayat and Constituency as well? What is the Puttaraju up to? Is he the destroyer of our beautiful Goa? Is this the way he is going to work as Chief Town Planner for Goa? He is only going to be a hypocrite working in this manner. 

People of Goa, specially mulnivasis are no more fools. We know where to stand for, how to stand for and whom to stand for. This will not be tolerated by the entire Goan mulnivasi people.

Puttaraju has fooled himself and he will not be able to fool any of the mulnivasi people of Goa.

Gram Sabha should and must have the powers to pass the required resolutions as people of that particular Panchayat will know and understand the entire problem and situation arising in that particular village. Puttaraju will only sit in Panjim not knowing the real problems, situations and accuracies people endure in that particular village.

So Gram Sabha has to have full privileged rights to pass meaningful resolutions at the Gram Sabha after every three months. So it is not a big job for Chief Town Planner Puttaraju to receive from each panchayat of Goa resolutions four times a year.

So the Chief Town Planner Puttaraju whoever your legal advisors are - whose names are not disclosed- keep them for yourselves; not for the mulnivasi people of Goa. Mulnivasi People of Goa cannot be fooled any more. Our resolutions in the Gram Sabha are for the good of the people of Goa. We will stand by for our Gram Sabhas in passing the required resolutions. Puttaraju the Chief Town Planner, we want to live by our given rights not only as voters of the Panchayat and the constituency but also as true citizen of Goa, India.

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns this letter of Chief Town Planner curtailing rights of citizens participating in Gram Sabhas in Goa. This letter is nothing but the agenda of the Bamon Raj that is outlined in the Goa Vision 2035 and road map to achieve it with Parshuram- the enemy of mulnivasi people on the cover of this document that is meant to establish Bamon Raj in camouflaged manner. This letter is fit to go in thrash bin.

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