Monday 25 March 2013

Bharat Mukti Morcha recommends Goa government to scrap Aadhaar Cards UID scheme

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Goa Chief Minister Mahohar Parrikar for making Bio-metric Cards compulsory for availing of all the government schemes and sanctioning of Rs.5 crore for this purpose. Mr.Parrikar has declared in his budget speech in Goa Legislative Assembly on 18th March 2013 that hence forth the bio-metric ‘Aadhaar Cards’ are going to be compulsory for availing of all the government schemes in Goa. This is recorded in his budget speech at point 14. Further Mr.Parrikar has sanctioned Rs.5 crore for this purpose and it is recorded in his budget speech at point 126 in a different name ‘Unique identity number’.

Bharat Mukti Morcha has repeatedly opposed this conspiracy to make mulnivasis slaves by Bamon Raj over the past two years. This act of Manohar Parrikar is an insult not only to the Indian Parliament that has advised thrashing out of this scheme and refused to pass law but is also insult to human dignity and right to privacy with infinite possibilities of misuse of data.

“The National Identification Authority of India, (NIDAI) Bill 2010”, was placed before Parliament and it was referred to the Parliament Standing Committee on Finance. This committee not only rejected this Bill but also thrashed the UID Scheme now known as ‘Aadhaar Cards’. Committee termed this UID Scheme directionless, lacking clarity of purpose and serious concerns regarding national security. Threat to National security because the contracts for authentication has be given to two foreign western companies and they will have all the data of every one in India. We have an experience of one foreign company East India company and now foreign companies will authenticate whether we are Indians or not. 

Nandan Nilekani, who was appointed chairperson of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in totally non-transparent manner and was accorded cabinet status. Nilekani is a Konkan Bamon. Caste data under Article 340,341 and 342 is avoided from collection so that Bamons can destroy caste identity of mulnivasi in India. Doing this is in the interest of Bamons who are less than 3% of India’s population and less than 1% of Goa population but are predators that live on clever cheating and looting sometimes cheating law but very often making the laws to justify their loot and plunder often camouflaging as fighting corruption and terrorism.  Why contracts signed with two foreign companies L1 Solutions and Accenture Plc are not made public by Nandan Nilekani? It is because it has something to hide, something to keep non-transparent, something that people of India must not know, true reasons of UID as for the benefit of global investors should not be known. Is it not a fraud played on people of India? It is.

This committee’s report is with the government of India since December 2011. Manohar Parrikar is arbitrarily implementing this UID Scheme with great vigor bypassing the Parliament.
This act of Bamon Manohar Parrikar is completely ant-national and it is a revolt against the decision of the Indian Parliament. He is carrying ahead this scheme of making all the mulnivasis slaves based on the MoU signed by then Bamon Digambar Kamat government with Unique Identification Authority of India on 22nd April 2010. Digambar Kamat then went on advertizing for this scheme with his photos on big billboards across highways in Goa. Only problem was that he was holding the Aadhaar Card not of himself but of some other man named Shetye. 

Manohar Parrikar in his budget speech of March 2012 at point 23 further promoted this scam giving reason that already substantial amount of money has been invested by previous government and he would like to take full advantage of the this unique identity for tackling corruption.

 Implementation of the UID scheme without a law violates the Constitution. The government and UIDAI have thus made a complete mockery of the “Rule of Law”. In Goa its Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is chief wrecker of rule of law.

The scant regard that the government and UIDAI have for the “Rule of Law” is seen in the draft NIDAI Bill itself. The Bill legitimizes all acts that UIDAI has done before the law was passed.
The Bamon Raj government and UIDAI headed by another Bamon Nandan Nilekarni think that they could do anything and everything as they please and in the event their acts are questioned they could get away with it by brining a law to give legal sanctity to their acts. This agenda is fitting perfectly with Bamon Raj in Goa. That’s reason it is so speedy in implementing the UID scheme by various tricks of blackmailing, and subtle and overt coercion by linking Aadhaar cards to government schemes in Goa.

Principle of rule of law is that it cannot give retrospective legitimacy to its acts. Yet this course is pursued in order to fulfill Bamani agenda of domination and enslavement of mulnivasi people.
 When the government proposes to gather personal and biometric data of the people it intrudes into  privacy and violates article 21 of the Indian Constitutional. Acts of Manohar Parrikar is against the Constitution of India. 

Even after the Parliament Committee rejected it, Goa government have continued to implement the UID scheme;for somehow they want access to all the private data to the mulnivasi people who are overwhelming majority of Goa with Bamons less than 1% of population. Yet Bamons rule. They are leaders of our political parties in side the Assembly and outside the Assembly, in power and away from power. Bamons are Foreign invaders in india and rule all the mulnivasis by brainwashing and by force. 

There is no control as to who will access the data collected from Aadhaar Cards. In Germany Hitler had also given unique number to each of the persons arrested in holocaust times. After grating of number they were known only by number, name was eliminated. Then they were tortured to death in Nazi concentration camps.  

Bharat Mukti Morcha recommends Goa government to scrap UID Scheme and delete all the collected data on priority basis. With UID only bamon raj is getting stronger and mulnivasis has nothing to gain from this Aadhaar Card scheme which is a multi billion experiment in the country for the benefit of Bamons and their hidden agenda of destroying mulnivasis totally and completely. It is a matter of great insult that Eurasian Bamons like Manohar Parrikar, Nandan Nilekani, Digambar Kamat has to whip mulnivasis into compulsory upper hand of Bamon Raj. In any case bamon raj has to be rendered to dustbin of history, mulnivasi people has no other option before them. Bamon raj is like dust particle which very soon will vanish; for its days are numbered. UID will not succeed in arm twisting and perpetuating the Bamon rule for eternity. It has to end and it will end sooner than later.

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