Monday 9 June 2014

Reports of Fishermen - Tourism clash on fishing rights in Zuari river

On 19th April 2014 corporate interested in water sports filed police cases against the fishermen from Bambolim. Police Inspector of Agasaim police station Devendra Gad visited Bambolim to confront fishermen. Fishermen present with their nets on the beach questioned PI Gad as to who will be responsible if the water sports boats cut up and damage fishing nets in the Zuari river. PI Gad responded that it is a problem of fishermen and they themselves have to solve it without creating obstruction to water sports activities. One fishermen Vishnu Perreira disagreed with the views of PI. PI Gad then placed him under arrest. Group of fishermen then went to Agasaim police station in solidarity with Vishnu Perreira.

On 2nd May 2014 Goa's Fisheries Minister Avatano Furtado visited Bambolim Beach and met up with Fishermen. He however did not provide any solution so far and maintained strict silence. Meanwhile it is learnt from the fishermen that Goa Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar is involved in overriding the Fisheries Ministry's objections to water sports. None of the fishermen operating fishing boats in Zuari river are bamon so it is expected that he would unleash his wrath against the fishermen who are mostly Scheduled Tribes  and Other Backward Classes (OBC). Caste battles are being fought in Zuari river water in this manner.

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns obstruction to fishing activities both by water sports ventures as well as mechanized trawlers in Zuari river.

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