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Trouble in the Fishing waters of Zuari river

From:- The Fishermen
Nauxim, Bambolim,
Tiswadi, Goa

Date:- 10-12-2013

The Hon’ble Minister Fisheries
Government of Goa
Porvorim, Goa


Sub:- Objection to water sports activities and revocation of NOC/permission granted


That we are permanent residents of the village and staying there for generations together since our forefathers. Our ancestors were residing there even prior to Portuguese era and we continue to reside there. Almost entire habitant belongs to the backward community except those few who recently settled. Our main and only occupation is agriculture and fishing which is the only source of livelihood. We carry on fishing activities on traditional basis by fishing nets on the shore and by traditional canoes.

There are more than 30 fishing canoes in the locality of Nauxi, Bambolim and these families are directly dependent on fishing activities and others are indirectly dependent such as working on fishing canoes etc. Most of the canoes and nets are financed by bank and other loans.

Since sometimes back we see some motorboats and other related water sports boats are brought to the shore/river at Bambolim and lying within the property of Goan Real Estate and Constructions Pvt. Ltd bearing survey no.12/1 of village Bambolim where the Hotel Grand Hyatt is being operated. On few occasion they tried to operate the same and we objected.

It is submitted that the entire river Zuari belt from Odxel, Cacra, Nauxi, Bambolim, Siridao, Goa Velha and even Agaasaim fishermen come to this place for fishing. We put fishing nets locally called “Zal” and “Ranpon” at the same place whole day. Our canoes cannot venture into deep water due to trawlers being operated therein and it is highly at risk because of rough weather.

It has come to our knowledge through reliable sources including panchayat members that private company by name AquaSail by contract or otherwise with hotel Grand Hyatt at Bambolim intends to operate such water sports related activities. It has also come to our knowledge that they have obtained NOC/permission from some Departments to run such activities.

We have made written request to Department of Fisheries besides other offices. On 26/11/2013 we approached The Director, The Public Grievances Officer and brought to her notice about the issue and said officer was kind enough to hear our grievances and upon perusal and hearing was pleased to order to cancel and revoke the NOC/Permission granted.

In the event such activities is operated the entire traditional fishing community in the locality will be adversely affected thereby depriving us of basic necessity of our life. In the event such activities are operated we will suffer irreparable loss and great hardships will be caused which cannot be compensated in terms of money.
In recent times there are about additional 15 canoes has been brought by the locals by taking loans from the banks/ and other financial institutions. The water sports activities or any such related activities which are using motors having fans are very great threats and dangerous to traditional fishermen which destroy our nets and canoes and moreover it will result in diminishing the laying of the fish eggs. The area where the said water sports are intended to be operated is having rich variety of cell fish particularly locally known as Tisre, Xinane, Mendi, Khube and so on.

Due to operation of such activities the result would be the end of traditional fishing activities and would adversely affect our livelihood which is the only source to maintain our family.

We therefore humbly request to you to treat this as very important and most urgent and further requests you not to allow such water sports activities.

We hope you will do the needful.

Thanking you,

291 Fishermen signed this letter.

Copy of this letter served to the Governor of Goa, Chief Minister of Goa, MLA of San Andre Constituency, Captain of Ports, Minister of Tourism, North Goa Collector, Chief Secretary of Goa, Director, Department of Fisheries, Sarpanch of Village panchayat of Curca, Bambolim, Telaulim.

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