Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Fight against corruption in Goa’s education department intensifies

A month ago that is in month of June 2014 a committee was formed by the name of ANAYA NIRVARAN KRUTI SAMITI (अन्नाय निवारण कृति समिती). - Goa. With 12 different Organisations merging under one banner named ANAYA NIRVARAN KRUTI SAMITI-Goa. This samiti was formed to tackle the different issues happening in Goa. And one issue was the scandal in the Dr.Babasaheb  Ambedkar high school. This samiti got information from some reliable sources that a big scandal is taking place in the above said school and two teachers of the said school are been trouble by the management of the school. And latter it came to the notice of the samiti that one teacher named Anant Kaushal has been terminated from the teacher's post and also from the school. Anant Kaushal was appointed as a senior teacher in the same school.

All the leaders and members of different social movement and  samitis came together and had a meeting in Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar garden in Panjim to tackle this issue and it was decided to form a new samiti with a name ANAYA NIRVARAN KRUTI SAMITI.after forming the samiti it was decided to have a Press conference and the date was fixed on 2 July 2014 this press conference was the first press conference to bring to notice to all people about illegalities and corrupt practices carried by Mr. N.G.Akhargekar, the manager of the school and other members of the school management. This samiti took all the decision and necessary step to draw the attention of the hon'ble CM and Education minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar, but the government of Goa and specially our hon'ble CM is not interested in looking into this matter. Every day the samiti members used to meet in the evening in Panjim. On 8th and 9th July’s meeting the samiti condemn education department for not taking any action in this matter. Which means that education department was allowing having corrupt practices in the said school.

On 10th July 2014 a memorandum was given to the Chief Minister to intervene and stop corruption with our demands. But till date CM has not done anything to look into this matter. Later on 17th July a copy was submitted to the social welfare department, education department, vigilance department, SC/ST commissioner and Human Rights commission. On the same day that is 17th July it was decided that on 23rd July to have a press conference this was the second conference by the samiti.  During the next meeting it was decided that we all will have a one day Dharna (protest sit-in)a peaceful dharna to be conducted on  30th July 2014 at Azad maidan, Panjim. On the day of dharna press and media came but no response from our good and active government. Even no other department tried to look upon us on that day. None of them paid attention to our issue. ''It's said that the head of the family guides and protect the family'' but here our CM the head of the state is not interested in protecting and nor interested in guiding us to a solution.  This is yet another example of how Goa’s Bamon Raj administration is functioning. Dharna was a grand success with 74 people participating from various parts of Goa. लोकांचा फार चांगला प्रतिसाद मिळला आहेे.

Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar understood the bamani system well and educated, agitated and organized people to set Manusmriti on fire and abolished it through Constitution of India. Periyar understood Baman Raj and set symbols of Bamon raj under public insults on the streets of Madras. In Goa too it is necessary to set Maunsmiriti on fire after dissecting its implications of inequality. For what can be the reason why Goa’s Bamon Chief Minister not putting a full stop to corruption at Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar English High School with active strategic collaboration with Director of Education Anil Powar? Anil Powar even declared to the Goa Bench of Bombay High Court audio cd exposing his corruption links with N. G. Akhergekar as ‘Blank’. Anil Powar lied to the High Court. Chief Minister is supervising over the corrupt nexus in education department.

Bharat Mukti Morcha expresses support and solidarity in this struggle against corruption. बाबासाहेबांनी शिकविले "शिक्षित हव्वा , शंगठित हव्वा , संगर्ष करा." 

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