Friday, 15 May 2015

Bharat Mukti Morcha protests corporate terrorist violence at Tiracol

Bharat Mukti Morcha stands in Solidarity with Tiracol People.  A total of 50 strong men or bouncers recruited by Leading Hotels Pvt Ltd from villages of Maharashtra, Keri and Arambol invaded Tiracol village, north Goa, at 1.00 a.m in the early hour of 15th morning with heavy earthmoving equipment as per reports from Dr.Claude Alvares.

The site is proposed for a five star golf resort by Leading Hotels Pvt Ltd and the American hotel chain, Four Seasons.
The team brazenly cut an illegal road through tenanted properties and forest areas. After the police were called, the work was halted but not before the road was complete through the forest and tenanted fields. The entire village assembled at the spot to protest the action despite the early hour. Police prepared a panchanama as the action violated orders of the National Green Tribunal to maintain status quo and similar orders of the administrative tribunal in tenancy cases.

The incident has shocked all the persons from the village with this demonstration of an entirely new form of Corporate Social Responsible Terrorism (CSRT): When the entire village of Tiracol sleeps corporate unleash terror attack.

The same morning entire village of Tiracol has proceeded to the panchayat office to ensure that the panchayat takes action. At the moment Keri-Tiracol panchayat has seven members. Only one panch member is allocated to the entire village of Tiracol while six members belong to the Keri village. The resort owner has successfully been able to influence the Keri panch members so that resolutions are passed in favour of the project despite protest from the lone panch member from Tiracol. The village community has therefore proceeded to lodge its combined protest against the illegal action of the Leading Hotels.

Bharat Mukti Morcha has taken serious note of the gravity of the situation and condemns corporate violence in Tiracol.

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