Friday 7 August 2015

Lets make public bus transport safe in Goa! Maintain KTC buses well!

Bharat Mukti Morcha has taken note of the TV report on 'In Goa' channel on 6th August 2015 with regard to low quality maintenance of Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) buses in Goa specially with regard to worn out tyres on wheels putting risk to public transport in Goa. All over Goa there are major slopes/steeps like at Bambolim up & down, up&down on Karmal Ghat in Canacona, up & down on Chopdem-Mandrem road in Pernem etc. Its not a luxury, its a real necessity to change the worn out tyres and check the brakes of of KTC buses plying on all the routes of Goa. 

Let the public travel peacefully. Let the Children be sure of that their parents will come home safely and vice versa. Let the wives & husbands be at peace that they will all be safe. The real safety of people should be considered on priority basis. There is a most urgent need to change tyres and check the brakes of KTC buses. 

People of Goa as you read this wake up and raise your voice and do not fall asleep in the face of this risk of road safety. Bharat Mukti Morcha calls upon Goa government to immediately attend to KTC buses catering to Public transport in Goa and beyond. Failure to attend to KTC buses will prompt Bharat Mukti Morcha to take further steps against prevailing Bamon Raj.

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