Saturday 12 March 2016

Aadhaar Bill today indeed dark day of our history in India

Today indeed a dark day of our history in India. Today's newspapers report that this Aadhaar Bill has been passed in the Parliament. We mourn for this passage of this Bill. We spread mourning all over. We now have no option but to acknowledge that Bamons and their collaborators has established legal framework to control everyone in this country. We have entered one of the darkest phases of our history. Morn my beloved mourn. For these are the days of mourning. Without mourning there is no healing. Mourning heals us. Mourning infuses us with relief. Mourning gets us face to face with roads ahead of us with sign 'dead end' unless you strip away your most personal and intimate data. Mourn my beloved mourn. Today we mourn. Today our country has extended the warfare on every one living within its borders. Mourn my beloved mourn. We have still freedom to mourn. Mourn my beloved mourn till this right too is outlawed and our throats throttled. Mourn my beloved mourn. For our life in India from today has single purpose - to mourn. We mourn. Our Parliament has been turned into cemetery. Corpses of every living human are now technologically tracked. You can no longer dare the ruling bamons. Joy of this Bill is that man of us will not even know that we are turned into living corpses moving around cities and countryside. Yet mourn my beloved, mourn. If you are in your senses mourn. I mourn the the sudden demise of freedom of my body. Big brother is now a confronting reality. Mourn my beloved mourn. Let our tears be the testimony of our protest. Let the ashes of freedom on fire deliver new hope - the sense of mourning. For now sense of mourning alone is our hope. This is not a defeat though. This is red carpet welcome for freedom to walk upright by our side. For this mourning is nice. I mourn. You mourn. He mourns. She mourns. They mourn. For mourning now is our way of life till our gravediggers in Indian Parliament get sense of mourning too. We have a hope one day we shall overcome. Yes we shall overcome. Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome one day....

Sebastian Rodrigues, March 12, 2016

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