Monday 28 March 2016

Assault on Ravindra Velip of Cavrem inside Sada Jail, Vasco

Date: 28th March 2016

The Inspector General of Prisons,
Government of Goa,
Panjim, Goa

Subject:  Assault on Ravindra Velip of Cavrem inside Sada Jail, Vasco


We write to express our outrage against the assault against Cavrem Panchayat member Ravindra Velip inside the Sada Jail, Vasco on 23rd March 2016. As per our information Ravindra Velip was blindfolded inside the Jail and then beaten up leading to fractures to his body.

We do not know as to who are involved in beating up of Ravindra Velip and want you to investigate as to who are the culprits involved and register FIR against those involved in this assault.

It is very shocking to note that the prison that was hosting Ravindra Velip has allowed this major criminal activity to take unfold. Ravindra Velip was not an ordinary law offender. He can be classified as ‘Political prisoner’ as he was arrested for resisting mining in his village of Cavrem in South Goa.

We condemn this beastly assault on Ravindra Velip inside the Sada jail. We want to know the truth of the matter as to who was involved in this attack. Are the attackers were from within Jail premises? Are they from outside? What is the intention of assault? If attackers are the jail staff then why did they assault Ravindra Velip? Whose command they obeyed? If attackers are from outside the jail then how did they came inside the jail and attacked jail inmate without connivance of insiders at Sada Jail? Are any politicians, legislators or mining companies involved in this attack on Ravindra Velip? We are faced with several issues of grave implications.

Moreover Cavrem villagers we got to know from media that are suspecting Sanguem MLA Subhas Phaldesai and Fomentos, a mining company. This is very serious allegation that needs in-depth probe. Past record of both – Phaldesai as well as Fomentos – has criminal character and the villagers’ claims on the involvement of these two cannot be brushed aside.

We therefore urge you to investigate this matter without political pressure. Due to imminent political pressure on your office to hush up the matter it is of paramount importance that judicial probe be launched in this case of assault on Ravindra Velip, member of Cavrem Panchayat.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Sebastian Rodrigues


Goa State


  1. I am a journalist Blog with HUFF POST. Wish to make a story on Ravindra Velip. Can you give his contact number please.

    SHRINIVAS ( 098 230 09850)

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