Monday 6 March 2017

Late Dayanand Gaonkar's house bulldozed at Colomba

 The State of Goa's Indigenous People, Gawdas can be gauged from the renew assault on from State Administration. The latest incident has come from Colomba, Rivona village in Sanguem Taluka on February 27, 2017. According to the reports flowing in officials from Mamlatdar's office in Sanguem went to Dayanand Gaonkar's house with three Pock-line machine declaring that his house is illegal and decided so by some case which we do not know as yet. Cruel demolition this time is not of any non-Goan by of indigenous people from Goa, the tribal family. 

Dayanand died few years ago while his wife and son survives and witnessed the roof over their shelter being torn down by the State Government machinery.  According to villagers around mining company is behind this demolition as it is trying get control over land for the purpose of mining. This village of Colomba has history of protest against mining and repression from the State administration protecting mining interests of Fomentos since 2007. The house selected for demolition this time was reportedly existed for past several decades in survey no. 49/1 of Colomba in Rivona village of Sanguem Taluka. Gaukar's family widow Kesar and her son are forced to live without house in open under the Jack-fruit tree close by. 

Six years back when Supreme Court ordered portion of Cidade de Goa Five Star hotel near Dona Paula to be demolished Timblo family who also owns Fomento mining company got then Congress Government headed by Digambar Kamat to change laws through ordinance followed by passing in the Legislative Assembly when BJP's Manohar Parrikar was the leader of the opposition. How come house belonged to Gawdas are demolished while 5 star hotel belonging to Bamon is protected through extreme steps? What is operating in Goa is Dictatorship of Bamons and Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns the spirit of racism operating in Goa's administration as well as Political system.

Irrespective of what the legal status of Gaonkar's status it is complete violation of Human right to demolish their house and to leave them to fend for themselves and now one week has completed. This is one more remainder that Goa's Indigenous People are  subjected to oppression. 

The demolition of Gaonkar's house in the manner it was carried on raises question whether Goa's indigenous people are slaves and freedom of Goa as well as freedom of India is a myth than reality. What are the causes that has led to this state of affairs?

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