Wednesday 15 March 2017

Voters in Goa gets treatment as washroom tissue paper

It is perhaps for the first time in history of Democracy in Goa that voters are treated on par with tissue paper - use and discard. The recent electoral results for Goa Assembly gave just 13 seats out of 40 to BJP. Yet it went ahead and formed the Government reportedly with the support of MGP, NCP and GF both won three seats each based on their electoral victory against BJP party. Others who supported are 04 independents three of whom elected defeating BJP candidates and one defeating MGP candidate.

Non-deceptive betrayal of Goan voters by moving Indian Defense Minister Parrikar to Goa as Chief Minister has fuelled the crisis of legitimacy to the State Government. Supreme Court direction curtailing limits to prove the majority on the floor of the house to three has further created tensions for the newly installed cabinet without portfolios.

It is now left to mining companies to play their cards in the background to curtail public unrest spreading rapidly across the state of Goa. Popular slogan of protest exposes very clearly the biases involved in ruling coalition: Bamon, Bamonkar and Bamonponn. New coalition is largely looked upon as dictatorship of Bamons in Goa.

Vijay Sardessai has outsmarted Manohar Parrikar in U-turn potitics as GF leader. After spitting venom on BJP Vjay opted to call Manohar Parrikar to Goa as Chief Minister and was sworn-in on March 14, 2017. Govind Gawde, an Independent defeated MGP leader Dhavlikar and inducted into cabinet to rule. Saligao and Siolim candidates were elected as GF candidates on clear mandate to oppose BJP, has cause terrible betrayal of voters and generated waves of unrest. Waves now threatening to reach far and wide and may anytime grow into a tornado.

Rohan Khaunte got elected from Porvorim as Independent with support of Congress Party and then changed his mind to support BJP. Churchill Alemao the sole NCP candidate too has reportedly decided to support BJP. Surprising? Sanguem Independent who won the elections Prasad Gaonkar, ST defeated both Congress and BJP has betrayed his electorate and without consulting his voters issued letter of support to BJP making mockery of his victory signaling huge intellectual bankruptcy.

BJP was on rampage looting Goa. Perhaps even more smartly than Congress looted Goa before them and lost major part of its cabinet including CM Laxmikant Parsekar and second in command Rajendra Arlekar both in Pernem. Pernem people has done commanding job revolting against both the sitting MLAs of BJP.

Sudin Dhavlikar of MGP who was aspiring to be Chief Minister was left with just three seats and was left to play gamble with Manohar Parrikar. For the first time Goa Assembly after issuing license to seven casinos in Mandovi itself resembles Casino with massive unethical practices.

At the core of issue - as in Siolim constituency where Vinod Palyekar was elected to oppose BJP -can elected representative resort to unethical practices by resorting to policies completely opposite to what was promised? Surely in Siolim people elected Palyekar not only to defeat sitting MLA Mandrekar but also to defeat BJP in the State of Goa. Can Palyekar take his own decision and embarce BJP ? He cannot. What he and his two colleagues in GF Jayesh Salgaonkar in Saligao and Vijay Sardessai in Fatorda has done is completely unethical and shameful. 

For the first time betrayal of Public is creating waves of unrest and this can lead to far reaching consequences not only for elected candidates but for the future of democracy itself. The way three Bamons (Sudin Dhavlikar, Manohar Parrikar and Vijay Sardessai) have collaborated is not just get themselves and their parties in power but also ushered in death of Democracy. The way Governor acted and Constitution of India was interpreted has left general public of Goa dump struck. 

There is certain hesitancy on part of BJP to sit in the opposition. It has tasted power for past years and now addicted to power. Its worth remembering what Lord Atkin said more than hundred years ago "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely." Now BJP even though voted out of power reducing their seats from 21 to 13 still want to hang on. Why? Addiction to power!

If GF, Independents, BJP, MGP does not give up their greed for power and persists in continuing in power then it can safely be construed as coup d’état against the People of Goa and ushering in the reign of oppression and Bamani tyranny. It must be remembered that in the face of oppression rebellion is a duty. Bharat Mukti Morcha considers ongoing developments in Goa Politics as struggle against Bamon Raj and needs to be destroyed completely with Public as subject of history. Politicians must not be allowed to kick around People of Goa as they have done ever since declaration of results on March 11, 2017 violating electoral commitments in position and ideology.

There is no truth in this government. High Manipulation, fraudulent, no trust, no faith, no abiding in Cosntinutional norms, BJP does what they want.We people of Goa as Goenkars must be smart at least now and voice out; when required action is vital.

Our Constituion gives us freedom of Speech and expression. So all of us must express our views especially about this BJP government. Let us not be chamchas of BJP. We must speak up. It is important and very crucial.

The way representative democracy has unfolded is terrible. Its perhaps time for direct democracy to usher in.

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