Monday 26 March 2018

Mobile Towers radiation monitoring a must in Goa

It is confirmed yet again that mobile companies are allowed to operate in Goa without any mechanism in place to check their tower radiation emission. Goa though has State Telecom Committee headed by its Chief Secretary with officials Chief Town Planner, Secretary (Urban Development)  with member-secretary of Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) currently it looks to be in paralysis, in active. The situation is dangerous not only to human beings but to every life form in Goa. 

Goa has no facility to monitor radiation in spite of recent bravado talks by State Political leaders like Manohar Parrikar and Vijay Sardesai. Goa wrote to Term Cell in Nagpur Maharashtra on 09/09/2016 to carry on EMI monitoring but nothing has happened till date in spite of one reminder letter after gap of 15 months and 15 days on 24/01/2018.  Still there is no reply. Goa Government wrote again on 15/03/2018 to Nagpur and still hope to get reply.

Why Goa government still lingering on Nagpur for radiation monitoring in Goa?Are there no other agencies who can do monitoring and give radiation update reports?

Now the ball is in the court of Member - Secretary, Goa State Telecom Committee to act. We share here the documents in this regard for wider public to know and act. BMM has followed up we have received above replies from GSPCB Superintending Engineer Shivanand Salelkar. How mobile towers are sanctioned in the first place without radiation monitoring in place in Goa? Forever depend upon term cell in Nagpur? And as now is the case they ignore Goa's requests Goa Government keeps silent over such a massive disaster? If Goa continues to be incompetent in radiation monitoring then they should be shut down till monitoring facility is set up in Goa State.

Several people and groups all over Goa has filed complaints against mobile towers fearing radiation threats to life but Goa's Ministry of environment is behaving totally irresponsible manner. It looks like Political leadership has no guts to speak out on this reality or are they been silenced by mobile phone companies?

Bharat Mukti Morcha has two complaints pending against mobile towers in Bambolim-Nauxim villages in Tiswadi taluka.

As it matters to human as well as other lives the Goa State Telecom Committee must be be decisive enough to act with immediate effect. Will Chief Secretary of Goa act on this or not? Or Goa CM Parrikar will stop any action on mobile towers? People of Goa are watching your irresponsibilities and are disgusted of your inaction for past year and half.

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  1. We have been appealing to the Mapusa Municipality since 2013 to have a mobile tower installed on the roof of our neighbour's house dismantled. This mobile tower is barely 11 mtrs from our house which is totally against rules stipulated by DOT and other governing bodies. Permission was sought for 9 antennae but now there are more than 20 and at least 8 directly face my house. Mapusa Municipality gave permission to the Service Providers D'Mello Telepower in a great hurry in 2012 without confirming if they had all the permissions and met all the requirements. We know the closeness to this tower will affect our health and need all the help and advice we can get to help us get these towers removed at the earliest. Please contact me at