Wednesday 12 September 2018

Jungle law reigns in River Zuari

Not withstanding any inputs yesterday from Coastal Security Police at Ribandar, Goa, purseining fishing boats carried on illegal fishing in full gusto today morning in Zuari river contributing greatly to the depletion of fish by use of banned fishing purse seine fishing nets within 5 kms from the Odxel shoreline. Around 80 purse seine boats carried on this illegality early morning today along with 5 trawlers that dig river bed disrupting marine ecology and livelihood of traditional fishing communities.

One is compelled to conclude that there is complete break down of fisheries department as well as Coastal security police. Fishermen who call up fisheries department are threatened by some vested interests with violence in Arabian Sea. Rule of law has departed from Zuari and Jungle law has reigned in due the utter lethargy displayed by Home Ministry and Fisheries Ministry. Bharat Mukti Morcha, Goa State condemns the operation of Jungle law in River Zuari. One wonder as to what right Fisheries Minister, Secretary (fisheries), and director of fisheries has to continue to hold on to their office? Shamila Monteiro was chucked out as Director of Fisheries for failure to stop illegal fishing in River Zuari. The lone IAS officer who cracked down on illegal fishing was Govind Jaiswal. Current leadership of fisheries department is a mega flop show that must immediately stop.

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