Monday, 17 September 2018

Will Goa Archbishop's office act decisively now to reverse Vanxim scam?

There is one opportunity coming on the way of the office of the Goa Archbishop to pull out of Vanxim scam. So far their lawyer either kept silent in Courtrooms or openly supported Gaunekar in Vanxim matters, something a matter of deep disgust and a scandal. This time all eyes will be fixed on the lawyers/ agents of the Archbishop. This is a moment of test for everyone to know whether Archbishop of Goa stays firm in the Vanxim mess or willing to take a step to reverse the trend by opposing Gaunekar and supporting village commons of Vanxim - the submerged paddy fields of Vanxim.

It will also be the test for the office of mamlatdar of Tiswadi as the Ligorio Silveira's complaint is still pending in this very office regarding the flooding of Vanxim paddy fields since April 07, 1995, now 23 years have gone by. This case is to come up in the office of Tiswadi Mamlatdar on September 24, 2018. One of the earlier Mamlatdars informed Bharat Mukti Morcha President orally that his office is put under pressure by top politicians and bureaucrats to clear the way for the corporate takeover of Vanxim. Let us observe if Goa Archbishop's office if it continues with Vanxim scam, or what do they make of the opportunity on their way. May good sense prevail.