Thursday 6 April 2023

Archt. Elsa Fernandes strong message to People of Goa!

Dear All you strong and beautiful people of Goa,

Past more than a month my life was turned upside down by the powers in Santa Cruz Panchayat 

and last couple of days I had to go through attendance at the Old Goa Police station for inquiry into a Police complaint on me as part of the misuse of powers in my Santa Cruz village through coercion by the elected members

I have received unparalleled support across many people of Goa for standing for the rights of simple villagers in the Gram Sabha which reflects the state of our grass root democracy. If Goa grass root panchayat democracy is strong and resilient than Goa is strong and many of you have shown your presence and support to showcase issues connected with this Grass root democracy. 

There are many things which are going wrong and if we all work together to correct that than we will play a big role to save a lot for our future Generations. The issues faced by me in my Gram Sabha are a reflection of many issues needing attention and corrections across many panchayats. A vibrant democracy, an informed representation, a transparent and accountable governance reflects well being in everyone's lives and all of us want this including our adversaries if any.

On that note and for giving your time for this cause through your support in helping me pass through a lot of stressful times due to personal vendetta, I am whole heartedly grateful to each one of you, and I sincerely appreciate each one of you as a pillar in the Grass root democracy of Goa. Together we can make a big difference



Elsa Fernandes

Enviromental Architect

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