Monday 3 April 2023

Fresh intimidation to Architect Elsa Fernandes?

According to reports Architect Elsa Fernandes has received fresh set of intimidating communications. One of her family members was contacted by someone claiming  to be calling from Old Goa Police station asking Architect Fernandes to report to the Old Goa Police Station. Legal way of Police calling anyone for inquiry is through serving of call letter.

Second intimidation communication has been the communication from Santa Cruz Panchayat that her compound wall is illegal and asking her to report to the Panchayat within seven days with documents about legality of her compound wall.

It must be noted that the tirade against Architect Elsa Fernandes is because of her principled stand in defence of Justice. She has risked her neck out and found herself being attacked relentlessly. It is now becomes duty of people of Goa to counter attack on her behalf for she defended interest of Goa specially interest of Goa's ecology with extraordinary zeal and determination. She loves Goa and Goa's Khazan with unmatched intensity. And Goa loves her too. This love keeps her moving ahead against the tide in her village and beyond in corridors of power.

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly supports Architect Elsa Fernandes specially at this time when she has been put under pressure from various quarters. Like a burning  candle Architect Elsa continues to eminate light to both good and evil. It's upto the recipients to accept or insult her. And we know who is doing what. Everyone will be judged based on their conduct in due course of time.

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