Wednesday 20 December 2023

Goa Government is toothless to tackle cellular radiation

It is now clear...

It is now clear that without radiation measuring mechanism installation of mobile towers is wrong yet it is done. 

It's now clear that Directorate Health Services has no facilities to monitor radiation emitting from mobile towers anywhere in Goa as per reply of Dr. Atul Pai Bir, Medical Officer at CHC, Sankhali, Goa dated 16/10/2023 letter no. CSCS/HS/2023-24/2222.

It is also clear from plethora of studies available that mobile tower radiation has dangerous impacts on life including Human life.

It is also clear that State Government cares a hoot about radiation impacts on human life or any other life forms as there is no mechanism in place for radiation monitoring.

It is clear that this situation has come about because State government in Goa has totally come under control of the cellular industry that is dictating State policies dealing with Telecom issues and it's regular ammendments through behind-the-scene lobbying.

It is also clear that this stanglehold of cellular industry on the democratic institutions of Governance in Goa can be freed only through direct peoples assertions and activation of available public spaces and creation of new public spaces.

It is also clear that such spaces can be created and existing ones can be activated most vibrantly through direct face-to-face study meetings at least once a month with discipline. 

Let me know if anyone can volunteer time for for this purpose we can start off the process tackling Cellular industry in organised manner through activation of public spaces and creation of new spaces of dialogues on radiation in a small way to begin with.

Awaiting your response. 

Sebastian Rodrigues


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