Saturday 30 December 2023

When Journalism turns corporate propaganda machine: Praveen Sharna case on Nauxim Marina

 When Journalism turns Corporate Propoganda machinery...

There is expansion in the PR team of Kargwal Constructions Private Limited from Mumbai. Latest product of consent manufacturing factory from Mumbai Gomantak group of Publications has featured Praveena Sharma. 

So far known PR team included Ashwin Tombat, Raju Nayak, Dr. Pramod Sawant, Shrinivas Dempo all harping in Marina economy in Croatia in Europe!

Sharma in 29 December 2023 Publication makes spirited attempt at advocacy of destructive AHOY Marina at Nauxim, Goa.

EIA Report of this marina has clearly stated that there is going to be major long term irreversible negative impact on Fisheries in Zuari river and yet these characters are still engaged in propaganda with all the Gomantaks - English, Marathi and TV channel making multi-pronged corporate driven, anti-fishing  propaganda.

Now Sharma article expands Goa's coastline by 55 kms from existing 105 kms to 160 kms without detailing geography of expanded coastline. Or possible Sharma just care a damn to accuracy in journalism. Its okay for propaganda work. If black crow is called red crow thousand times sufficient confusion will set in to actually consider black crow as red crow!

Article also rues over the hordes of budget tourists entering Goa and luxury hotels are facing economic crunch as room occupancy levels has dropped. So instead of advocating shutting down of luxury hotels article advocates destruction of Zuari river fishery by installing necessary infrastructure inside the Zuari river. 

Tourism has already destroyed Goa's coast, de facto privatized beaches like Marriots at Miramar, violated coastal Regulation zones like Hotel Grand Hyatt, Released its sewage underground pipelines in the rivers like Hotel Devaaya at Divar Island, Blocked fishing spaces like Casinos in Mandovi River, Destroyed sand dunes like Leela Kempensky at Cavelosim and you can expand the list further. 

AHOY Marina EIA Report has classified local villagers in Nauxim, Cacra and Odxel as "Shudras" which means slaves. Sharma is silent on these aspects and we don't know why though.

Tourism in its worst destructive mode over the past four decades is seeking to expand its destructive tentacles directly in the waters and expel fishing communities from their livelihood support system.

For all the characters named above only two things matter. First is profit. Second is imposing of caste based discrimination to promote social, political, economic, educational and cultural exploitation. 

Sharma narrative is one more addition to this and fit to be thrashed or displayed in Hall of Shame!

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