Monday 8 April 2024

Blue Flag certification to Siridao beach?

Whom did in Siridao Tourism Department consult before taking this decision of declaring Siridao beach for Blue Flag certification?

Why fishing Orgnisations/ Associations/Unions involved in fishing activities in Zuari river not consulted?

Why did consultative mechanism has been dispensed with by Goa Government?

Why this Blue certification issue being pushed through authoritative manner?

Why no one from Tourism Department nor from Coastal Zone Management Authority visited fishing communities engaged in fishing in Zuari before taking such major decision on Siridao Beach?

Tourism Department currently treats fishing communities with contempt as is reflected from its order to do away with need for NOC from Fisheries department in August 2022. Is Blue Flag another aggression and insult to fishing communities of Zuari river that needs Red Flag from fishing communities?

Aren't fishing communities on Siridao Beach live in peace without any colour classification to the beach?

Haven't Tourism Department messaged up fishing in Mandovi River through casinos already? This Department and GTDC want to spread their invasive tentacles even further to take entire Goa captive?

This issue is not just about Siridao. It's about Tourism Department taking control of Beaches unilaterally dispensing with consultative process and issuing declarations from the ivory tower. Who gave them the authority to do so?

Few years back in 2019 Tourism Department had declared Miramar beach for Blue Flag certification. Consultation was organised by North Goa Collector. At the consultation local fishermen opposed Blue Flag certification plan and Government had to stall its plans.

The issue is about pushing back institutional invasion of Goa's coast from Tourism Department and about reclaiming also the lost grounds. We need concerted efforts in this direction in innovative ways.

Please write back with your ideas or launch your own initiatives in this direction.

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