Thursday 4 April 2024

Compulsion to converse in English by Fisheries surveyor

03 April 2024


The Director of Fisheries, 

Government of Goa,

Panaji, Goa

Subject: Compulsion from Fisheries Surveyor to speak 

English by fishers of Bambolim, Nauxim villages


We wish to bring to your attention that English speaking has been made compulsory for fishing communities by Fisheries surveyor of Goa Fisheries department in Bambolim, Nauxim villages.

Currently mass of fishing communities of these villages doesn't have fluency in and understanding of English and most mode of verbal communication is in Konkani. This has created obstacles in fishing related communications with Fisheries Surveyor deputed in these villages. We appreciate good intention of your Fisheries Surveyor in his approach towards English though currently not equipped with skills to do so.

In order to make fishing communities proficient in spoken English dealing with Fisheries Surveyor we request you the following:

1. Depute staff from your office to train adult fishing community members from Bambolim, Nauxim and other villages/places/localities/territory within the administration Jurisdiction of Fisheries Surveyor Harish Prabhu to teach English. 

This will alleviate linguistic hardships currently faced by fishing communities due to adamant insistence to speak speak English with Mr. Prabhu.

We will collaborate with Fisheries department as English proficiency will be beneficial to fishing communities towards self-empowerment while dealing with such Fisheries surveyors and beyond. 

Till this arrangement for adult Education program for spoken English is carried on appropriate instruction be given to the above named Fisheries Officer to make communications fishing communities easy and seemless preferably in Konkani till linguistic skills of our communities are upgraded by your office.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Shaila D'mello


Laximan Mangueshkar


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