Friday 22 June 2012

How Bamons used and discarded Marathas-OBC-Kunbis in India - Part 2

·       Answer to the brahmanical conspiracy that advocates reservations based not on caste but on economic status
1.    All over the world reservation is granted on the same ground on which there is discrimination. Other than India there is nowhere discrimination based on caste. There is discrimination exists based on race. That’s why in other countries reservation granted is based on race. It is called affirmative action.
2.    In the constituent assembly Dr.Ambedkar carried on the discussion for 16 hours and compelled to accept caste as the basis of reservation.

Manusmriti: “because your are born in lower caste you do not have rights.”

Constitution:  “because you are born in lower caste you have rights means reservations.”

Actually there is contradictions here. Eurasian Brahmins categorized us as lower caste. Then because we are lower caste they denied us our rights. This means Eurasian Brahmins used the weapon of ‘caste’ to deny us our rights. And the great towering personality of the world Dr.Ambedkar used this same weapon of ‘caste’ to restore our rights means reservation means representation.

3.    Kulvadi bhushan, Bhahujan Pratipalak, Chatrapati Shivaji, Chatrapati Rajaram Maharaj, Rajashree Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj, Rashrtrapita Jyotirao Phule, Shrimant Sayajirao Gaekwad….

Why all these were insulted by calling them ‘shudras’? Were they financially poor? Were they not financially rich? Then, in spite of being rich why were they insulted? It is because they were from lower caste.

Today our worth is decided based on our caste. Because caste in unchangeable. Wealth is flexible. Wealth will come and go; but caste not only stays with you from birth till date but even after the death (today there are number of separate crematoriums for different castes). Caste never leaves us.

Conclusion: that’s why reservation has to be caste based, not economy based.

4.    Kings can be crowned as per traditions but IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS cannot be appointed according to traditions. For that UPSC exam of union public service commission must be answered and passed. For that there is need for reservations.

One famous Italian Philosopher Antonio Gramci comments “ruling class has to generate intellectual class amongst itself.” Government is formed later but before that to run the state bureaucracy and administration intellectual class must be there or it needs to be created deliberately. That’s why Rajashree Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj deliberately created 50% reservation (representation) to the mulnivasi on 23rd July 1902.The entire struggle of all our Mahapurushas was to create intellectual class. This must be kept in mind.

5.    The class which is rich, prosperous and wealthy is the one that is capable and qualified for availing reservations. It means only if it avails reservation then it is able to enter into higher education, vocational education or foreign education. What this kind of highly educated person can do? Highly educated person can gather information. He can classify gathered information. He can analyze gathered information. He can get conclusions from the analysis. He can take decisions. He can distinguish, he can compare, he can separate relevant from irrelevant, he can recognize what is of interest from what is against interest, he can recognize welfare and anti-welfare. He can organize unorganized people, he can create awakening amongst ignorant people. He can provide leadership to the leaderless people. He can provide direction to the directionless people. He can develop self along with the society. He can build organization. He can preach. All this should not happen that’s why Eurasian Brahmins are harping on economy based reservation.

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