Wednesday 20 June 2012

How Bamons used and discarded catholics in Goa - Part 4

The question now arises as to when there are/were so many catholic MLAs in present and past Goa legislative Assemblies why none of them ever raised the question of proportionate representation to catholics on the lines of proportionate representation to SC and ST communities. It is natural to ask this question when you learn that some of the heavy weight politicians in Goa has been Catholics. What then on planet earth prevented them from raising the question of proportionate representation to the community from which they come from? What prevented catholic mulnivasi politicians, shudra politicians from raising the question of proportionate representation to catholic shudra community in Goa? Their silence on this matter led to the use and discard of Catholics by various governments in the past and BJP government currently in power is the latest instance of this. One can understand the studied silence on this matter by Catholic Bamon politicians for by birth they are not shudras and they are not expected to put their tongues to the job to further the advancement of shudras in Goa for bamons leave by using and discarding of Shudras. It does not matter whether they are Catholics or adhering to some other religion. Urge and cunningness to exploit and rule over shudras is their specialty.

Let’s re-focus on our question as to why Catholic Shudra politicians in Goa Assembly never demanded proportionate representation/reservation to Catholics in Goa. Surely if they are genuine representatives of the catholic community then they ought to raise this issue on priority basis. The fact is that no community in India has genuine representative as their MLA or MP and present set up of our democracy does not carry possibility either. That’s why people who get elected and go in the state assemblies and parliament does not raise the genuine concerns of their communities when they speak out.  That why India has 75% (83 crore people out of total 120 crore) of the population living under poverty line with daily income of less than Rs.20/-. They all vote in the elections and yet this state of affairs.

If one has to become MLA then one needs to win the favour of the political party – BJP or Congress: both the brahmanical parties in india. Only when one finds the favour of the parties then the person get a Party ticket to contest elections. After that person contests elections, goes and meets up people to ask for votes and then gets elected to the office of an MLA. However after the elections he does not raise the genuine issues of the community such as proportionate representation. This is because the person has to remain faithful to the party that has accorded him the party ticket in the beginning to contest elections. Community has not granted him the ticket to contest elections. Community gave him votes only after he got the party ticket. Party ticket takes precedence over community vote. Community votes are useless without party ticket.  So the MLA though going from the community becomes never representative of the community but representative of the Party that gave him the ticket. This is a system in place currently that thwarts the possibility of genuine community representative from getting elected.    

M.K.Gandhi created this system by putting his life in risk with his 21 day fast at Yeroda jail in Pune to force great Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar into signing of Poona Pact on 24th September 1932. Community were disenfranchised and political parties were concentrated with power to give tickets. Political Parties are either overtly or covertly brahmincal in their orientation. Brahmanical orientation is always to use and discard mulnivasis. This is also the case of political parties in Goa – National parties and Regional parties alike. This Poona pact was applied to SC and ST community via article 330 and 332 of the Indian Constitution. OBC got this system dumped on them through Panchayati Raj Act that makes provision of reservation for OBC. Without discussions this Poona Pact is also applied to minorities such as Christians, Muslims, Sikh and remaining others. Dr. Ambedkar termed the people getting elected through this system as stooges, agents, dalals and bhadwas. 

This is the reason why catholic MLA in Goa never raises the issue of their community; forget about resigning as a minister in community interest. Current 40 members Goa Legislative Assembly has 14 Catholic MLAs spread in various political parties and independents.  Few of them catholic bamons. 

Catholic community and Bhahujan samaj are both exploited and ruled over by bamons. What options for their community betterment remained in their hands? Community leadership that is compromising must be kicked out and new non-compromising leadership that is well versed with caste undercurrents must take over and join nationwide agitation under the banner of Bharat Mukti Morcha. This will flush out all the available junk.

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