Friday 19 April 2013

Why did Helicopter hover over Vanxim today?

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for helicopter survey of Vanxim island by suspected mercenaries of corporate group that is interested in conquest of Vanxim island for the purpose of establishment of Bamon Raj.

Bharat Mukti Morcha does not share an iota of doubt that Goa Chief Minister is actively promoting trespassing of air space over Vanxim by Corporate group today 18th April 2013. This is a third violation of air space by miscreants in Helicopter hovering over Vanxin for nearly four hours. Earlier similar helicopter hovering was witnessed by the villagers of Vanxim on 5th November 2010 and 5th May 2011.

Vanxim  is an island inhabited by mulnivasi people but sold out in a satanic transaction between two Eurasian Bamons in Goa. One of them who sold is Archbishop of Goa Archdiocese Felipe Neri Ferrao while the one who purchased it is Mahendra Gaunekar, an architecture college drop out from Gaunem in Ponda with additional residences in Panjim and Saligao. Gaunekar then sold the island to corporate body known by name Ozone. 

This transactions involved huge kickbacks to the Archbishop of Goa that is suspected to be 100 crore. Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who is working hard to generate revenue for the State has so far refrained from initiating raids against this stocked money not only for the reason of political expediency but also because he himself is a Bamon like Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao and Mahendra Gaunekar. All these three men have no difference in their genes. All of them are Eurasians, who constitute less than 1% of Goa’s population but troubling every other mulnivasis who is not willing to get subdued and comprised at their bamani escapades. Even if the Chief Minister orders state agencies to raid, his powers does not extend to Switzerland and its infamous bank that stocks black money of the world including black money received by Goa Archbishop.

Archbishop sold this land legally for just around Rs.55 lakhs and received nearly 100 crores in black. If this figure of 100 crore is wrong then Goa Archbishop must clarify the exact amount he and his colleagues in this shady deal received in black and the nature of bargaining involved to achieve this towering record of corruption. Also Goa Archbishop owes an explanation to public as to why he sold Vanxim island at the rate of Rs.6/- to Rs.20/- per square meter on February 11, 2006 in a sale deed recorded in registrar’s office in Panjim. Most interestingly not only the Chief Minister of Goa but every MLA is silent on this second biggest scandal of Goa next only to mining scandal. There may be more scandals that are yet to come to such a public glare involving people in such a highly responsible position as that of Archbishop of Goa that is entrusted to the care of the salvation of the souls. Yet he gallops on the road to Hell by selling such a holy place as Vanxim dedicated to Santus Cristus. Along with the Archbishop are all those priests are on the way to Hell for failing to stand up and speak out the truth and resist Archbishop. What a pity! May they change and gather courage to speak out.

Corruption is oozing out of the dens of Bamon Raj inside the Church in Goa as well as out of it. Bharat Mukti Morcha is opposed to the very dens of bamon raj inside as well as outside the Church.

Today’s Helicopter hovering over Vanxim is one more symptom of deep rooted disease called Bamon Raj. There will be no cure for this disease till this Bamon Raj is uprooted in systematic manner.   Bharat Mukti Morcha is braced up for the challenge posed by Bamon Raj. It is only a matter of time that Bamon Raj in Goa will be given dignified burial.

Bharat Mukti Morcha will continue to resist to defeat bamon raj in completely uncompromising manner. The enemies of the Church and enemies of mulnivasi people are on magnificent prowl inside and outside the Church. Yet it is written in Latin on the casket containing the body of St.Francis Xavier, one of the strongest saints of the Church “Mox Inimica Fugat” means “He Shall soon put the enemies to flight”. This includes not just enemies such Bamons as Gaunekar and Parrikar but also bamons such as Goa Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao. They can all fly in Helicopter hovering over Vanxim. According to St.Francis Xavier enemies are fit only for a flight and their helicopter is ready and hovering over Vanxim. The body of St.Francis Xavier is resting in the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa.

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