Friday 5 April 2013

Four days of police harrassment of Cliffton de Souza

Today four days are completed and police harassment of Cliffton de Souza, OBC continues. He is sought to be arrested without intimation and call letter. The main reason is that Cliffton is opposed to the ruling party politics of BJP in Goa. This is the only reason the police are sent on spying duty around the house of Cliffton de Souza and also his family members in Velim, Salcete.

Cliffton is well known for his critical involvement in public affairs such as Aadhar Card and its dangers, betrayal of Catholics through imposition of Bamani language over roman konkani script in Goa, Fill Mill project in Betul, mulnivasi people's movement, popularizing of 'Berlin Wall' a book written by Goa's noted writer Ramnath Naik from Ponda, Vanxim issue, lobbying to implement 5th Schedule of the Indian Constitution to benefit tribal communities in Goa etc.

Of late Cliffton's involvement has crossed boundaries of Goa and he is involved in all India level movement of mulnivasi people of India that constitute 85% of India's population.

Goa State headed by its Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar who is also Home Minister with control over police has released police might on Cliffton in order to frighten him with arrests and third degree torture from police.

Bharat Mukti Morcha is minutely monitoring the situation in this case of flagrant violation of human rights of Cliffton de Souza.

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