Thursday 11 April 2013

Call for strict vigil on activities of Bamon Bruno Ferrao

News has spread all over Vanxim and neighboring islands in Tiswadi that bamon Bruno Ferrao has been visiting Vanxim people’s houses and taking photographs. Acting as a mercenary of another Bamon Gaunekar who desires to swallow Vanxim for hundreds of crores of rupees. Members of nearly nine families has  confirmed the nefarious acts of bamon Bruno Ferrao in Vanxim. 

Couple of days back this Bamon Ferrao  prowled into Vanxim and entered the house of Reginald Pinto who is popularly known as Shahu. Bamon Ferrao was inside the house of Shahu for nearly 30 minutes and then came out. Outside the house he got his camera out and clicked photographs. 

Three families watched his activities and reported to Bharat Mutki Morcha. It is reliably learnt that Bruno Ferrao promised Shahu that he will repair his house free of cost. In this way people of Vanxim are being corrupted and lured by Bamon Bruno Ferrao. The funding for house repairs are to come from Ozone corporate group. This corporate group plans to take over entire Vanxim houses and convert them for tourists and profits for the corporate.

Of course all these plans have come to this extend because of the Goa’s Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao who accepted crores of rupees in black money, opened two accounts in Swiss bank and till date has not declared as to who were the members of the expert team that recommended sale of Vanxim. As per Cannon law Expert team is needed before selling Church lands especially such huge land as Vanxim. Archbishop has committed totally disgraceful act. 

It is of utmost importance that this Bamon Bruno Ferrao be kept under strict public vigil to monitor his activities for establishing Bamon Raj against the interest of the mulnivasis. In the evenings Bamon Ferrao teaches at Don Bosco School, Panjim night classes and day time does mercenary activities for Bamon Gaunekar in order to take control of Vanxim. It is time that Bamon Ferrao’s nefarious deeds in Vanxim come to an end.

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