Saturday 7 September 2013

Goa CM Bamon Manohar Parrikar ignored to count his teeth and mind his tongue to call Goa Catholics Slaves

Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns Goa Chief minister Manohar Parrikar for branding Catholics in Goa as slaves in their thinking and practices. According to reports in Herald dated September 6, 2013 Bamon Parrikar in an interview published in a blog of New York Times has compared the Goa Catholics to Catholics in Brazil and pointed out that Goa Catholics are slaves in their thinking and practices while Brazilian Catholics are not. Eurasian Bamon Parrikar used the Persian word ‘Hindu’ to describe Catholics in Goa that means slaves in English. It is worth pondering whether this is the reward he had reserved for Catholics for voting his BJP to power during last assembly elections. 

It is a time that this Bamon is shown the power of the Mulnivasi Catholics of Goa. Bharat Mukti Morcha considers his comments highly callous, irresponsible and insulting. The word ‘Hindu’ was first used by Mughals to refer to their subject in India from whom they sort to collect the tributes. Brahmins were the first ones to object in writing the use of the word ‘Hindu’ for them and revealed to the Mughals that they too are foreign invaders in India like the Mughal and they are not slaves (Hindus in Persian) and they refused to pay tributes. Mughals granted 45% share in governance to Brahmins and together they ruled India for 750 years. Brahmins never told Mughals to quit India all this while. 

Then when British opened the missionary education in India and let mulnivasis access to education against the rule of Manusmriti Jyotirao Phooley came to know that the real enemies of mulnivasi people were the Brahmins. He launched movement to educate mulnivasi people in 1848 after he was thrown out of the marriage party of his Brahmin friend, and formed Satya Shodak Samaj in 1872 in Bombay to fight a battle Shudra, Ati-Shudra Vs Shetji-Bhatji. To counter this Brahmins set up their own organization called Arya Samaj headed by Gujarati Brahmin who adopted name Dayanand Saraswati. Brahmins did not name their organization as ‘Hindu Samaj’ as they never believed themselves as a Hindus.

Because of coming of Democracy with its ideal of rule of the majority through ballot in early 20th Century put Brahmins in deep problem. Agitations were on in England to demand right to vote. And these agitations would have definitely have effect in India. They began to wonder as to how minority Brahmins would win the elections if they contest elections as Brahmins who constitute just 3.5% of Population of India. After prolonged think tanks ‘Hindu Mahasabha’ was formed as political front of Brahmins in 1922. This was second major front of Brahmins at that time after the formation of Congress party in 1885 for the purpose of negotiating for share power with British. The negotiations lasted for 45 years and failed.

The use of the word ‘Hindu’ that was rejected by Brahmins themselves during Mughal rule was adopted during British rule as a political compulsion of fooling mulnivasi people and transforming minority Brahmins into majority as Brahmins gained access to the leadership positions of any organization with name ‘Hindu’ attached to it.

The political compulsion of this Eurasian Bamon Manohar Parrikar , Chief Minster of Goa are interesting. In normal situations when there is absence of awareness as to how Bamons have launched mission of loot and plunder even within the church there was no need to comment in such a way. Catholics theoretically are out of Brahmanism yet through the backdoor Bamons are carrying the mission of loot and plunder. The mission is headed by Goa Archbishop Bamon Felipe Neri Ferrao himself as evident in scandalous sale of Vanxim Island. And due to the tremendous awareness created by Bharat Mukti Morcha the battle lines between mulnivasis and Bamons are becoming sharper every passing day within the catholic community. Bamon Parrikar statement is meant to foist Bamon leadership, minority leadership over mulnivasi majority in Goa and India via well known Bamani policy of divide and rule.

There is no more humiliating reference to mulnivasis Goa Catholics than to call them slaves. 

Another possible reason that gave such a high degree of confidence to Chief Minister to brand Goa Catholics as slaves is perhaps due to co-operation in enrolling for Aadhaar Card that is an instrument of hi-tech slavery of 21st Century. Large number of Catholics has got themselves trapped and enslaved for this UID bio-metric card. Chief Minister is perhaps is now over-confident that Bamon Raj is invincible as his system has all the private data of Catholics under his nose and he can play God with their destiny. 

While we condemn Bamon Manohar Parrkar for broadcasting to the World from New York Times’ blog that Catholics of Goa are slaves we also call upon all the Mulnivasi Catholics of Goa to raise in revolt against Bamon Raj. The struggle for freedom is ongoing all over India. Goa’s Catholics cannot remain far behind. And now that it has been broadcasted the world over that they are slaves, it is our duty to lead the rebellion against bamon raj in Goa at large leading towards liberation of mulnivasis.

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