Monday 16 September 2013

Let’s march to destroy blackmailing through Aadhaar card

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is going against Parliament. The law (National Identification Authority Bill) for Aadhaar card is not passed in the Parliament and he being the Prime Minister of India is dictating terms against the Parliament of India. Aadhaar card is totally and completely illegal and people are made slaves in doing the Aadhaar Card. As a Prime Minister he has to work for the good of the people. Parliamentary standing committee on finance in fact has recommended the scrapping of the Aadhaar card project citing the reason of absence of direction and clarity of the project, waste of public resources and grave threat to national security.

Cylinders should be sold at the rate of Rs. 435/- as it was sold before and the public at large should not be troubled by the Prime Minister the way he is doing so. Aadhaar cards must be scrapped completely and totally giving due respect to the Parliament of India.

How can Prime Minister legitimize Aadhaar cards as he has done in his press release of September 2nd 2013. The web link of the Prime Minister’s press release is as follows: 

As a member of the house who earns about a Rs.4,000/- per month wherein he has to support his wife and children plus pay the electricity bill, telephone bill, water bill; how much money will he have left with him after all these payments? Plus he has to pay Rs.950/- for the gas cylinder. This is only going to chock up his throat and give him sleepless nights endlessly. It is disgusting and highly miserable act of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh even to think on such a misery by going against the Parliament of India. Such people are showing their true selves that they are really pursuing the agenda of the Eurasians Bamons who don’t care about the mulnivasis. 

Goa Chief Minister Bamon Manohar Parrikar made Rs.10/- less on Petrol after coming to Power as per promise in his manifesto in 2012. Immediately after that his government completely stopped Kerosene available at the fair price shop through the ration card and mulnivasis at large are suffering today as Kerosene is stopped by Parrikar.

The house maids, the sweepers, the peons, private sector working people are suffering tremendously on account of the Chief Minister bamon Parrikar and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. With all this suffering in mind they also have to cater to their children’s education and future. This is only strangling and suffocating what this Bamon Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is doing to Goa.  Only MLA’s and Ministers and Chief Minister and Prime Minister can afford to in this high cost life style. Others will have to struggle. The MLAs are paid Rs. One lakh five thousand monthly, MPs, Ministers, Prime Minister are getting even more. 

Bharat Mukti Morcha condemns Bamon Manohar Parrikar and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for going against the Parliament of India. Scrapping of Aadhaar card pamphlets are distributed in all the 12 talukas of Goa. Total awareness is made about Aadhaar card scandal in all 12 talukas of Goa.

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