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Students threatened and abused at Dr. Ambedkar English High school, Kuchelim, Mapusa

Date: 21/08/2013                                     


The Director

Directorate of Education

Porvorim Bardez-Goa.

Sub.: Follow up to our complaint dated 30/7/2013 regarding Corporal punishment to students.


This is regarding our complaints dated 30/7/2013 regarding corporal punishment meted out to a few students of std. VIth by   Mr. Dattaram Chari under the influence of alcohol in Dr. Ambedkar English High school, Kuchelim, Mapusa Bardez-Goa on 25/07/2013.

As soon as the Manager of the School Mr. N.G. Akhargekar got the information

regarding our complaint filed in the Education Department , he on 19/08/2013 called me ( Mast. Gautam Kamble, student of class IX) in the school office during 5th period at 11. 40 a.m. and asked me to withdraw the complaint filed in the Education Department on 30/07/2013. 

 I was forcefully kept in the office for two periods i.e. 5th and 6th from 11.40 a.m. to 12. 50 p.m.  whereby I missed two periods. I was put under duress to sign the document to withdraw the complaint stating that it was false and that the said teacher had not under the influence of alcohol beat any student of the school but I boldly resisted the pressure.  Also he tried to threaten me by saying he will put me in trouble if I didn’t agree to withdraw the complaint filed in the department.

Before appearing for the Mid-term Exam on 20/8/2013 the manager also asked me whether I have taken decision regarding withdrawal of the complaint or not?  

It is also learnt that the manager Mr. Akhargekar, visited houses of Dadapir Honnalli and Akash Nandurkar, students of Std. VIth on 19/8/2013 and asked the parents and victims to withdraw the complaints which they had filed in the Police Station at Karaswada Mapusa Goa against Mr. Dattaram Chari on 25/7/2013.

On 21/8/2013 during the 2nd period the manager called Dadapir Honnalli in the school office, caught hold of his shirt collar and asked him to sign on a blank paper Dadapir denied to sign and ran from the office to the classroom. 

During the 5th period (P.E.) students of Std. VIth were playing on the playground, the manager and Mr. Chari went on the playground and called Dadapir. As Dadapir approached them the manager threatened him by telling he would  take Dadapir in the High Court for not withdrawing the complaint. Dadapir said   “I have not made any mistake. Chari sir had beaten me I will not withdraw my complaint.”  Then the manager started abusing Dadapir by giving him filthy words (words does not suit ethics of this blog, hence omitted from publishing here. Words are prevalent in the original complaint to the director of education).

After that he visited Dadapir’s house in Dadpir’s absence and asked his mother to give in writing that Mr. Chari is not the accused and the complaint made by them is false, but his mother denied to do so.   

Instead of taking any action against the accused teacher the manager is trying to pressurize and harass me and the victim students and their parents to withdraw the complaint thereby trying to settle the matter and protect the accused. As revenge to our complaint Mr. Dattaram Chari and the Manager have started harassing me and other some other students by passing sarcastic comments and threatening. 

Is this the ethical behavior of the manager in the interest of education of students? It is amply clear that the Manager runs the school not for the betterment of the students but to underscore his motive.

Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Morcha highly condemns such downcast acts of the manager.

We kindly request you to take necessary action at the earliest against the accused teacher as well as the manager in the interest of the students so that corporal punishments and harassment will stop immediately.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,


Gautam Kamble
Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Morcha, 
Mapusa Unit.  

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