Friday 28 March 2014

Goa police foil blackmail for corruption at Dr. Ambedkar English High School, Mapusa

Well done Goa Police!

It was for the last two days that is on 21/3/2014 and 22/3/2014, that the Manager Mr. N.G. Akhargekar visited the houses of some students especially Scheduled Caste students studying in Dr. Ambedkar English High School along with the teachers namely Mr. Dattaram Chari, Mrs. Sairabanu Jamadar, Mrs. Manda Sugire, Mr. Siddharth Shirodkar , Mr. Pravin Kalangutkar, Laboratory  Asstt. Mr. Bilal Shaikh, Clerk Mrs. Tina Parulekar and Peon Mr. Vishnu Ugavekar and complained to the parents of some of the students that their children had spoiled, were disturbing the classes, were engaged with girls, that they bunk classes everyday and roam about in a group etc. He also alleged that the two teachers namely Mr. Anant V. Kaushal and Mrs. Milan A. Nare have instigated the students. 

However the Manager has very wisely concealed the fact to the parents that the two teachers have filed writ petitions against him in the Honourable High Court of Bombay at Panaji-Goa for their harassment and for asking a bribe of Rs.9, 000, 00 (rupees nine lakhs) each for confirming their services in the school. The Manager has united the whole staff against these two teachers to harass them and score his gains. Now he has targeted the students for they are in good relation with these two teachers.  Unfortunately the Manager and the teachers who should have helped these students to improve their behaviour if they were doing any mistake rather  they visited  their houses in a group that too by the school bus given by the  Government and leveled various allegations against the students.

Thus the Manager spoiled their names when they did not indulged in any of such activities narrated by the Manager to their parents. After the complaints from the school staff some of the parents also started harassing them. The Manager and few teachers are set to create grounds for expelling these students from the school as some of them are not ready to pay Rs. 5000/- for their promotion to next classes and they are in good terms with these two teachers. 

However the Children Education ACT 2003 prohibits the Manager from expelling them from school. Although complaints were false and concocted but made the children feel ashamed for tarnishing their image in the eye of their parents and even the neighbors who noticed the school staff members all together visiting the houses of these students. Consequently the following day that is on 24/03/2014, the upset students asked the Headmaster to explain what deeds they committed which made them to label as ‘spoiled students’ that they are engaged with girls and so on. The students also asked them to explain it in front of the two teachers how they had spoiled them. The Headmaster said he did not say anything bad about the students but it was the Manager. 

The Manager then was called by the Headmaster who was asked the same question. The Manager denied that he said anything bad about any students. The upset students did not agree to the false statements of the manager. Then the Headmaster called a policeman and took him inside  the class IXth which was engaged by the  teacher Manda Sugire. Along with police the Headmaster Mr. Dattaram Chari and the Manager Mr. N.G. Akhargekar also entered the class. Firstly it was wrong on the part of policeman to entered the class. Secondly his tone of asking questions to the students was wrong. The policemen in the beginning should have inquired what about the matter but one of the policemen directly said “you have come here to study. Then he raised a question, “why did you go to fight with teachers?”  Mast. Gautam Kamble told the policeman that the Manager along with the Headmaster had leveled allegations against them and spoiled their image and which had hurt them greatly. Then the policemen were off. 

It was again on 25th March 2014 that the students asked the Headmaster to prove what made them label as ‘spoiled students’. Then the headmaster again called the policemen whom the students told that the school staff had spoiled their names by leveling various allegations against them. As the students were extremely hurt it was on 26th March 2014, that the students remained outside the classroom and demanded the Headmaster to solve their problem by contacting their parents and telling them about the fact. 

The Headmaster again on the third day called the police. The students explained to them that the Headmaster, few staff members and the manager were playing with their lives and spoiling their names. The police officer warned the Headmaster, Manager and the peon not to blackmail, beat or harass the students.

The School management has launched ferocious public pressure campaign against two teachers Anant Kaushal and Milan Nare who is standing up against corruption and currently inquiry is on under directions from Goa Bench of Bombay High Court, Panaji. Bharat Mukti Morcha strongly condemns Ambedkar High School management for the activities described above and advises Chief Minister Parrikar who if serious about education in Goa as education minister  to take strong action action against the manager Mr.Akhergekar who is responsible for bedlam to School, Students, Teachers, Parents and neighborhood.

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